In the short time I’ve been writing this column, the price of REAL short ribs at Safeway has gone from $3.99 to $5.99 per pound.  I don’t buy beef anymore!  With hamburger at $5/lb shrimp is more reasonable. How times change.

Has anyone else noticed that  Paul Manafort is the spittin’ image of L Ron Hubbard?  Did Hubbard have any lost children ?  Maybe we should go down to the Mattole and dig him  up to check.

The little shack that houses the Bless My Soul restaurant (used to be Kwan’s many moons ago) is listed on Loopnet as for sale for ONE MILLION BUCKS.  That’s JUST the  building, not the business, indicating the value of being in or near a cannabis zone.  BTW, Marie, the owner, told me last time I was in  that they were going thru hard times.  Support this local restaurant!  When they’re good, they hit it out of the park.

Family Dinners- we had relatives  in town recently and had a lot of good experiences, including:

GALLAGHER’S:   I’ve had good and bad experiences there before but  picked it for our opening dinner because some folks were coming from afar and they have a wide range of choices.  The fish and chips were MUCH better than I had remembered and the chowder was good too.  Everyone was happy.

BELLA ITALIA:  this is a wonderful restaurant.  It’s only drawback is its coffee-shop ambiance, which is comes by honestly, having been repurposed from Heuer’s only a couple of years ago.  The noise level, especially with eight chattering family members, is pretty high but the food is amazing.  I had my usual linguini with mixed seafood but I took a bite of my neighbor’s veal scallopini and  I will definitely order that next time. Another  good meal.

HUMBOLDT BAY BISTRO: Everything you have heard is true. It has been 60 years (!) since my family had dinner here at what was Aldo’s Italian Dinners but it’s still a wonderful  venue and the folks who are running it now know their stuff.  They didn’t have full liquor service but they made me a Bloody Mary with sake that was beyond reproach.  The menu has a vast range of prices from $15 for fish tacos to $40 and up for  XXXXXXach.   The service was exceptional.  Go there.

ALSO NOTED RECENTLY : The Kabob Cafe in Valley West continues to have the best, most reliable fast food in the County.  It’s not that fast but well worth the journey to Valley West. Also the Humboldt Smoke House’s taco trio is a VERY satisfying $10 lunch. l like the Burnt Ends.

SOUTHSIDE MIKE has moved from John’s Cigars to Vigo Street to the street between COSTCO and the old Honest Engine building. He sometimes, but not always, posts his location on FB.  He’s worth chasing down.  His chicken livers are outstanding, as is everything else.

QuOTE OF THE DAY;  “Still wondering how this guy is running the country”-Draymond Green