THE MIDTERMS ARE OVER and thank God for that.  I was generally happy with the local results and relieved that, nationally,  the populace is rejecting  the lies and no-nothingism of Our Fake President.

Has it occurred to anyone else that Donald Trump is in the wrong job?  With his constant need for praise and attention and his stunning lack of attention to detail, he obviously should have been a Borscht Belt comic. He doesn’t know how to lead so he’s apparently going to spend the next two years bullying, lying and whining.  He even blew his visit to the fire zone as reported by TMZ HERE. 

BTW, he claimed the Finnish President had schooled him that raking the forest floor prevented wildfires.  The Finnish President recalled no such statement. Trump is 73 years old, delusional, and gets most of his ideas from Fox news.  It’s going to be a long two years.

NUT/SALES/BEGGING CALLS-  Are you plagued as I am by unwelcome phone calls selling insurance or mortgages or lower interest rates?  I’ve been suffering in silence but I recently found you can block the numbers that don’t display their caller ID information. These are the same miscreants for the most part and – at least on Suddenlink phones- you can dial *77 to block them, *87 to unblock.  Check the Suddenlink website for other options, or some of these may work on other systems.   All I know is that my phone  is a lot quieter since I dialed *77.

EUREKA GROCERY DELIVERY-   I do NOT have an interest in this company, but I wish I did, because I think they’re going to be a big success.  Since I’ve been hobbling around on a cane,  I LOATHE grocery shopping or more correctly, the task of getting the groceries from the garage into the kitchen,  which is a long haul if you have only one hand to work with.  Now I have had my first delivery from Eureka Grocery Delivery and in the words of Phoebe Snow, who I’ve been listening to a lot lately,  “My life is like a song.”   Christo is PERFECT in following lists, which you can email to him for next day delivery. Plus he’ll bring them right into your kitchen.  Contact them  at 672 3812  or  HERE.

SPEAKING OF SUDDENLINK-  This digital rollout has  been a mismanaged disaster. I’ve been talking to Sean at Access Humboldt about having a workshop for the community about alternatives to cable.  As soon as we agree on a date, you’ll hear about it.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING,  EVERYONE.  Remember the fire victims and DONATE.

William Goldman, 1931-2018 

FROM CNN:Brian Lowry emails: Screenwriter William Goldman, who died on Friday, was almost as famous for what he wrote and said about writing – the book “Adventures in the Screen Trade,” the line “nobody knows anything” – as his much-admired screenplays, which include “All the President’s Men,” “The Princess Bride,” “Marathon Man” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” It was also Goldman — not Deep Throat — who came up with the line “follow the money” in the first of those films, about as often-mangled a movie line as exists……