Do You Hate Cilantro? You’re In Good Company.

If you know what it is, you’re probably one of the people who hate it.

That’s ten percent of the population, and it includes me.  There are several websites that discuss the leafy offender sometimes known as “Chinese Parsley” .  HERE’S one of them. To those of us who have the anti-cilantro gene, it tastes like soap. While you can generally go into a Mexican restaurant and order “no cilantro”  (forget the salsas- they all have cilantro)  with at least some response, I’ve never had any luck avoiding cilantro in Thai or SE Asian places. I just stay away from Thai. 

What bought this to mind was a recent conversation with a relative who is very well-informed and yet was completely unaware of the cilantro issue. But word is getting around;.  The network comedy Undateable had the following dialogue:

“I’m going to start calling you Cilantro”.


“Because you spoil everything”

Do you hate it too? Let us know.