Short Ribs and Random Thoughts Jan 10 2018

WHEN I WROTE the  last edition, I was still in despair at the idea of having to put up with Trump and his minions for four more years.  Now, as any people have pointed out ,  we just need to win the midterms, then impeach. I feel better.

TRUMP AT THE IMMIGRATION MEETING- Our Fake President’s handlers apparently wanted to showcase his maturity and knowledge after the revelations from the Michael Wolff book. Did you see his body language?  Arms folded protectively in front  of him. I’ve never sat through a meeting with someone in such a defensive posture, have you ?  Then at the end he throws the whole issue back to EVERYONE ELSE, saying he’ll sign anything. What leadership! If we get any changes in immigration, it won’t be due to Trump, although he’ll take credit.  BTW, what’s all the hate for “CHAIN MIGRATION”?  It’s called keeping  families together.

OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT- WORST IDEA EVER!!!!   Just what we need! Another TV star!  Let’s nip this one in the bud fast.  If she’s so hot to get into politics, let he serve a term in the Senate.  That’ll cure her .

NANCY PELOSI’S SON Paul Jr.,  apparently  a dingbat, hung with Trump at Mar-A-Lago over New Year’s. Now I can ignore the incessant begging letters from her.

I GOT A CALL the other night while watching TV  and didn’t jump to answer it. It turned out to be Assemblymember Jim Wood,  calling about the HCCDC endorsement .  Wood has run afoul of SINGLE PAYER and I guess there are those who don’t want to support him because  they don’t think he’s strong enough on, but it would help if we had a better bill to support. I’m okay with giving Jim another term.

WINTER SOUP ALERT: Last week in the NCJ, that wonderful woman,  Janice Fumiko Cahilll, published a trio of soup recipes of which the “Rough and Ready Borscht”  turned out to be life-altering. I had never bought a beet before!  Only takes a couple of hours to make.  You’ll thank her.

How I Voted


I love early voting. Here’s what I did.  Since I already got rid of my ballot, I may have left something/one off.

Senate:  Kamala Harris  A no-brainer.  Good work on homeowners’ issues and mortgage fraud. ,

Congress:  Jared Huffman, another no-brainer.  He has repeatedly demonstrated his interest in the North Coast and if he doesn’t agree with you, he’ll say so. We’re lucky to have him.

District 3 Supervisor: couldn’t vote in this one but donated to Mike Wilson.

District 1 Supervisor:  even though she’s a Democrat on paper, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Estellle, who has been instrumental in the gutting of the GPU, and the only other candidate, “Bud” Rogers is clearly not ready for primetime so I left it blank.

Assembly:  Jim Wood has been an okay Assemblymember and has taken a leadership role in grappling with the challenges of the new cannabis landscape,  but I was so pissed off when I heard that he had accepted a $1500 round of golf from Silverado,  I left him blank also.  I worked for the State and  if a client brought me a box of cookies I had to report it, and those reports are on the record for all time.  Jim!  You’re a dentist!   You can afford to pay your own damn greens fees and what you did was DUMB.

Ballot measure:  the goofy measure that apparently affect only folks who have been turned out of office but haven’t had their salaries stopped yet  is worthy of approval even though it will only affect maybe  one person a year.  Housekeeping measure.

And I got my Bernie sticker.  I’ll be happy to vote for HRC in the general but I want Sanders to win the California primary.  Let’s see how it goes.

Just remember to VOTE if you haven’t.