The Three John Fords

I was saddened recently to hear about John Ford, the insurance broker, being accused of fraud.  No charges have been brought at this time.

I meet John back during the Gallegos recall election.  I had a fundraiser at my house and John helped out as the bartender. After that it seems I ran into him everywhere- at Chamber meetings, at Winco. Always helpful, aways affable. We spoke several times about my running a piece in the blog about his business but I could never find an event to “hang” the piece on. John is what is called in Canada a “Kid Kodak”.  If there’s a camera in the room, John will be in the picture.  Good attribute for a guy who’s worked in advertising, real estate, radio etc.

So the FIRST John Ford, the one I know, is a wonderful guy who has started an innovative business which can only help the local economy. So what about the SECOND John Ford? The John Ford who is such a screwup he allegedly takes funds from clients without providing value?  And does this in an enterprise (insurance) that is one of the most heavily regulated!  In an industry (cannabis)  that invites scrutiny for Federal, State AND local governments? THAT John Ford is clearly insane.  I hope it  turns out not to be true.

Watching all this from the sidelines is the THIRD John Ford-a former HSU student who recently returned to Humboldt from Monterey as the director of County Planning.  We wish him well and hope he will have a more tranquil Spring than the other two.  

At least he won’t have to cringe every time the phone rings.