Should I Renew My Chamber Membership?

Here is my dues letter from the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce. I only pay $65 since I’m not running a business, but I have still pondered a lot about whether I would renew.  I was really put off when Board Chair Ken Musante announced that the Chamber  would start endorsing political candidates.  They held a forum which I missed because  I was out of town but I went to sleep on election eve thinking  that I was going to be congratulating  John Fullerton.

Ken is a good guy and I almost feel bad that it has become very clear that the Chamber’s endorsement  had very little effect on the election.  (I said ALMOST.) 

The Chamber would be well-advised to revert to its longstanding role of providing networking opportunities  and to forget electoral politics.  The Left in Humboldt is energized as never before. Take my word for it.

And yes, I’m sending in my $65.