Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone. Hope your kids aren’t being put into tents in 100-degree heat.

-“Pruitt!  Pruitt!”  I was working at the computer and kept hearing “Pruitt!  Pruitt!” from the TV in the next room. My God, what has he done now, I wondered as I finally got up to check.  Turned out I had left the TV on AMC and that gravelly voice yelling at “Pruitt” was Burt Lancaster as Sgt Warden yelling at the hapless, headstrong private Pruitt played by Montgomery Clift in that great movie From Here To Eternity.  I hope you’re all seen it at least once.   One of the great ones.

The garbage has moved!  Did you realize the office of Humboldt Recology  has moved from 14th Street,  right next to the recycling center,  all the way to SAMOA?? Who the hell wants to go all the way to SAMOA to discuss a garbage bill? Did we get to vote on this??  Isn’t there something in their contract about providing  convenient access to customers? There ought to be. Do they even have bus service to SAMOA????? Geez.

Tea Party-  Have you heard of Lapsang Soochong?  It’s smoked tea,  and once  you drink it you cannot be content with Lipton’s.  Since I quit coffee ten years ago I have been content with a half hearted cup of Lipton’s in the morning but since our friend in Berkeley turned us on to Lapsang Soochong, nothing else will do and the closest place I can find it for sale is the Berkeley Bowl , which  isn’t exactly  convenient. I’ve looked at Co-Op , Wildberries, the coffee places– no one carries it.  So in desperation I joined Amazon Prime and order six boxes,  which should have shown up by now but haven’t.  As soon as they have I intend to cancel my membership   ($12.99 /month) .  Any help welcome!!!