TAX CUT-    So,  how did you do with the Trump tax cut? I got $3 out of  it. Anyone get more?? Tell the truth, now.

5th DISTRICT SUPERVISOR RACE-  SEEMS to have been won by Steve Madrone but jeez, it took a long time.  I hate elections like this. Close elections don’t give you any real feedback and deprive the participants of a real victory celebration, not to mention closure. Kudos to the election office staff for their careful work. .

SUMMER IN HELSINKI-  Trump and Putin have chosen Helsinki for the venue of their summit.  I can’t think of a more romantic place.  I’m not kidding! Helsinki is a charming little city full of Victorian architecture that gives it kind of an Alice-in-Wonderland quality. It’s a seaport and there’s water everywhere.  The ZOO is on a island-  you take a boat.  The boat must run late because  I recall sitting in a ruined castle (yes, there are LOTS of castles in Finland) in perfect calm at near-midnight looking back at the lights of Helsinki and feeling that I had never been so safe. Anyway, Trump and his boyfriend will enjoy good weather. You wouldn’t want to go there after October. Great food too!  The Best Western where I stayed  had FIVE kinds of herring on the breakfast buffet.  Can’t beat that!

ELDERS IN CHARGE-  The Democratic Party is being led by folks who are over seventy, and in some cases,over eighty years old!  Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Jim Clyburn,  even Chuck Schumer is over 70. I’d take any one of them over the folks who are the face of the GOP these days, but at the same time it’s clear that new leadership is in the offing..

MURPHY’S is now grilling M-F from 11am to 4pm.  Their cheeseburgers are huge for $5.99 and they also have tri tip sans, chicken and ribs.  fI don’t know why they don’t stay open later.  It’s a damn shame. In Cutten, they have 15,000 people going right past them on the way home,  a large number of whom would LOVE to take home dinner but Murphy’s closes the grill at 4pm.  Go figure.