NOTABLE WASHINGTON LUNCHES- I love accounts of political lunches, such as the occasion when Ty Cobb discussed his strategy for defending Trump in an outdoor restaurant (the BLT Grill) with a NYT reporter taking pictures and recording him. On Friday, Michael Cohen had lunch at the Loews Regency with Al Sharpton (!).  No word yet on what they had and the website doesn’t include  prices.   I guess if you have to ask…..

TRUMP AND FOX-  Our billion-dollar security establishment isn’t good enough for our ignorant president.  He’d rather get his news from Fox.  This explains  in part his stunning incompetence.  HERE’s an account.

WHERE’S THAT TRIBE? Amazing story from the morning Times-Standard.  Wouldn’t it be stunning to find out that the tribe you belonged to never really existed?  There’s a lot of money at stake with tribal designations, so this will be a hard-fought fight.  My sister lived in Etna for awhile and met some tribal folks who invited her to their sweat lodge.  That’s all I can contribute.

DUTCH BROTHERS-  I quit drinking coffee about ten years ago so when a friend asked for a  coffee card from Dutch Brothers it was a revelation.  There was a line around the block at 2pm!  Took me 20 minutes to get a card!  NONE of the other coffee places are that busy. What’s their secret?  Don’t tell me to try the coffee.  I don’t want to get hooked again.

STILL WANNA BE A FEDERAL EMPLOYEE?  Watching the bashing of Peter Strojek  who is being castigated for  poor judgment (shouldn’t have used a government account for private tweets) would make any young person question whether Federal employment is a good deal at all. Trump’s crew hates the government in such a simpleminded way  they doh’t think about accomplishing  the job, only in destroying the civil service.  Tell your kids to hold off till Trump is on the way out.  It won’t be long.

OFF-SEASON TV-  If you grow tired of pining for the next episode of 90 Day Fiancée,  I’ve noticed for the last couple of days TCM (Channel 37 on Suddenlink) is showing the old “Young Peoples’ Concerts with Leonard Bernstein”   in between movies. They are wonderful and I wish they’d show a whole season.  They haven’t aged a bit and Lenny is wonderful.  Worth watching for.