Have you had poke? It’s pronounced “poke-ee’ in Hawaii and is kind of like Hawaiian ceviche,  fish (often ahi, or tuna) marinated in shoyu, sesame oil, green onions and so forth. No luau is complete without it.  Goes well with barbecue and beer. They’re even selling it at Safeway. I’ve seen stores in Hawaii that sell fifteen different kinds.  It’s apparently a thing now on the  mainland too, to the point where lawsuits are flying over who’s got the rights. Read about it HERE.

And HERE’s a recipe;  you can skip the chopped mac nuts.  I’ve never seen them over there and they wouldn’t add a thing.  And if you’re in Honolulu, don’t go to the places  named in the article, go to the Tamashiro Market in Kakaako. Only.