-Did you vote for Sean Hannity?  He wasn’t on the ballot, was he?  Yet,  several reliable sources have reported that because Our Fake President has fired or alienated so many sources of wisdom he is getting NO INPUT into his governance except from FOX TV pundits.  When you elect a President whose only successful occupation was as a TV host,  that’s what you get.  You get Hannity, Jeanne Pirro and Lou Dobbs.

KAVANAUGH- the saga drags on.  There are  a dozen reasons for not confirming this child of privilege, the fact that he’s a harasser is just one more. The entire value of his nomination is that it thrusts into the limelight the piggish actions of Grassley and the rest of the GOP establishment.  Hurry, midterms. Hopefully,  we will see women voters out in force.

PUMPKINS- for some reason, I’m really ready for Hallowe’en this year.  I’ve already got a big pile of candy on the DR table.  I always put two or three pumpkins by the  front gate. I let them sit there till they’re rotten, then I can scrape them into a garage bag. One year I woke up the morning after Hallowe’en to find someone had heaved them all into the middle of the street and I had to clean them up.  I know who did it, too.  I can’t recall his name but he lived in one of the cottages across the street and I think he was a dealer of some kind.  He came to a bad end.  So don’t mess with the pumpkins.

LOCAL ELECTIONS- I never think that elections are REAL until my sample ballot shows up.  I called the elections office and they said that they’d be mailed this week.  I don’t get to vote  for much this time, but that doesn’t stop me from having opinions.   FWIW, I’d vote for Natalie and Kim,  also for Richard Marks again for Harbor Commission. I am amazed that Marian Brady is running against him.  Her credibility will go poof once word gets around that she is backing the looney East-West railroad scheme.  Marian is a good woman, it’s a shame.  She obviously wants to hold another office.  I would vote for Susan Seaman for Mayor.  I have worked with her  briefly and I know her to be pleasant and  competent.  In Ward One I would vote for Hailey Lamb. She’s young but at least she’s a Democrat.  Caroline Brooks is unknown to me but her husband, John Chaffin,  is a very nice guy.  Anthony Mantova is a right-winger product of Hillsdale College. I can’t see him gaining any traction locally. IF anyone want’s to revisit John Fullerton’s behavior from last election, Google my post from December 2014.   He has about as much chance of getting elected as I do, and I’m not running.