Is there anything worse than a hot day in Eureka? Well, yeah, a  hot day in South Carolina, but locally…I have all my windows closed  tight to keep the heat out.  Never did that before..

I have company coming to town this week so will not have our Short Ribs (which ARE on sale at Safeway thru Tuesday @ $3.99) and which I have to skip because the fridge is too crammed. However, I just learned that Frankie’s Bagels has new hours, those being Wed, Sat, Sun from 8am to Noon.  Dyin’ to try them.  They’re the one behind the Turf Room at Redwood Acres. Drive around the building  and you’ll see the signs.

Stay cool.. Stay in. Don’t breathe the shitty air. Hug a Union member (it’s Labor Day) And say goodbye to summer which seems like it just started.