19 Years later We Finally Get a Stoplight at Walnut and Fern!

When I moved into my house, in !993, the traffic on Walnut was already getting bad. Then they built Redwood Fields, which made it worse, still with no traffic control.  I was still working at the time and getting out of Fern Street and onto Walnut was a nightmare especially with the school busses added to the mix in the mornings.

In 1996 or 1997 I got mad enough to take a petition around to the neighbors asking for a traffic light at Walnut and Fern. EVERYBODY l asked signed it. The Sylvests signed it. Craig Perrone signed it and I think Jeanne did too. Jeff Lamoree signed it. I took it over to the Bocce court where they were having an Italian festival.  Almost everyone there signed it.

Armed with 41 signatures I went to meet with Tom Mattson, who was a mere slip of a boy at that time, with an office in an odd location on 3rd Street or thereabouts. The first time we didn’t connect.  Someone  else was with me but  I can’t remember who.  The second time I went alone and met with Mr Mattson who accepted the petition,  blamed the State for the fact that there was no traffic light and seemed to be doing his best not to give folks like me any false hopes. I guess that’s good. Eventually I threw out the file and forgot all about it. Since I retired eight  years ago I just avoid that intersection when it’s busy.  After all,  I’ve got all day, right?  

Anyway, when I saw on the Board of Supervisors agenda that they were actually going to discuss a stoplight at Walnut and Fern I almost fainted. They’d done studies!! There were three long attachments!  Our County had validated  after 19 years that what those 41 signers had claimed- that Walnut /Fern was a dangerous corner that warranted a stoplight – was true!

I wish I hadn’t thrown out the file.  I could  have had a reunion party for everyone who signed. I’d invite Tom Mattson too.