Short ribs were back up to $7.99 at Safeway this past week and the $5 ones I stocked up on are still in the freezer. I was too busy sneezing and hacking from the bad air to even think about turning the oven on. Thank God for Raliberto’s, which now takes credit cards, by the way.

-What would you think of a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT requiring  any Presidential candidate to have served at least four years in the military?? Women too! It would eliminate a lot of the ignorance currently wafting from the Oval Office. Might save billions on useless military parades, such as the one which our Fake President still  has his heart set on. Right wow it’s scheduled for Nov 15 at a cost of $12M unless someone comes to their senses.

CHRIS COLLINS-  the greedy creep who committed insider trading RIGHT FROM THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN will not be missed by his colleagues on the Hill.  He was apparently despised by his fellow Congress members,  even before he talked several of them into the bum investment  that got him busted.  While we’re at it, how about an amendment to prohibit  members of Congress and Senators from having investments at AT ALL while they serve?  They, as well as the President, should have to put everything into a blind trust.  Should have done this years ago.

-The BEST OF THE NORTH COAST-  We always have a lot of fun with the NCJ’s list when it comes out.  Remember two years ago when the winner was the Holiday Inn on Broadway which hadn’t even opened yet?   Remember it HERE   We all know that the friends and employees of the nominated businesses stuff the ballot boxes, so to speak,   but we all check out those lists.  Most of the winners you could at least make a case for  but PORTER STREET as best barbecue?????  I don’t think so! I used to be a regular customer out of desperation but now that Sammy’s has opened l will never see the inside of Porter Street again. Also,  the last time I had their otherwise good chile it contained a piece of spongy meat that I identified as tripe. Nothing wrong with tripe,  it’s not poison or anything , it just didn’t sit right with me and now that we have  Sammy’s and Humboldt Smokehouse …Anyway, I find the choice of Porter Street inexplicable.  I approve the recognition of the Oaxaca Grill, a nifty little place that is often overlooked.  I am pleased to see that the AA has recaptured the trophy for Best Steak from whatever interloper took it last year.   It should just be permanently the AA.     Toni’s was correctly named for Best Milkshake but their award of  second place to the Fresh Freeze was unfortunate. I love the Freeze for certain things (fish and chips) but their shakes are too sweet.   Finally, I also find the tabbing of Shamus T Bones as one of the top three restaurants, uh, inexplicable.  We’ve had a couple  of pleasant meals there but top three???



R.I.P. the Sac Red Lion- State workers and others will wince (or rejoice) at the news that the Old Sacramento Red Lion Inn at the Arden Fair mall is being turned into a three-story  storage facility. Apparently the place really fell apart after the State moved its nearby offices down to the Capitol Mall area. It was, at one time, a great place to stay but la plus ça change etc. 

WOULD YOU HIRE an attorney who tried to bring a loaded gun into a  courtroom? Andrew Stunich, whose offices are across from Coast Central  on Harrison Avenue, tried to do just that the other day. Apparently his excuse was that he “forgot” he had it. Jeez, what else does he forget? He’s apparently a business attorney who does a lot of insurance work.  And has some ‘splaining to do to the court.

We finally tried Shamus T Bones the other day. I was convinced from the bad reviews that  it wouldn’t be great but I wanted to check out the view. The view turned out to be mostly parking lot but at least you could see the sky and across the Bay, and the refinery is mostly obscured  by the other buildings.  The building is pretty cool, but the decor includes a lot of mounted deer heads. It was pretty empty at 2pm.  Service was quick and cheerful.  My friend had a pulled pork sandwich and, for her side, she chose the daily soup which was described as “brisket soup”.  Unfortunately, her soup contained  a  LONG hair,  which was a real turn off.  I had the brisket plate ($12.99) which was great, lots of brisket, in fact enough to make a whole ‘nother sandwich with the leftovers that night. I used Southside Mike’s BBQ sauce on the sandwich and it was better than the house sauce at ST Bones, which is just okay. I had chili for the side and it was very good. If I go back I’d try their chili burger,  except they don’t make one, or more brisket.  I’m kind of over the pulled pork thing, unless I’m in South Carolina. Their lunch menu cannot be accessed on line, which is weird.

CYBER BULLYING IN HUMBOLDT- We had a Nazi (“Johannes”) pop up on our little blog last week and when I made a very innocuous comment on LOCO to the effect that A Taste Of Bim is a good place to eat, somebody posting as “Eureka” started suggesting that I should kill myself.  Well, I might very well do that, but not at the behest of a troll. I left word at the LOCO office about what was happening and they removed the garbage instantly. Thanks, LOCO!

HURRICANE HARVEY- Corpus Christie is my birthplace (I was born in the Navy Hospital there- the doctor’s name was “R Nixon” which always made me wonder…) but we hightailed it out of there as soon as  I could fly on a plane.  You had to be 30 days old then. We left and I have spent very little time in Texas since,  but you have to be sorry for  the folks going through this nightmare. Let’s hope no one else is killed.  Disclosure:  I have a brother in Sugar Land.

OUR FAKE PRESIDENT has outdone himself again.  How low can he go? Pardoning the convicted ex-Sheriff Joe  is an outrage and a specific insult to Latinos. He obviously thinks he can hang on by playing to his 30%. Every time he shows up on TV he resembles Mussolini  more closely.  I can hardly wait to hear what Mike Flynn is going to share.

A LOT OF GRUMBLING and objections to TWO projects  that the City of Eureka hasn’t thought out very well. The idea of housing the Chamber of Commerce visitors’ services in the  lobby of the Clarke Museum would read like a bad joke except that they ‘re serious! THERE IS NO PARKING!!  And the boneheaded idea of turning one of the ballparks across from the Zoo into a City corporation yard makes no sense at all.  This is a residential neighborhood, no place for truck traffic.  Let your Council members know what you think at or before the Sept 5 Council meeting. 


“The Best of the North Coast” Redux

It’s that time of year again.  I just now noticed that the Times-Standard always posts it’s “Best” list on April Fool’s Day. Good move.

This year’s list didn’t have any major gaffes like last years (darn) which proclaimed the STILL unfinished Holiday Inn on Broadway in Eureka as one of the winners.  There were a few surprises. Porter Street BBQ won over Humboldt Smoke House, which surprised me, and I thought the Banana Hut was an excellent choice for Best Business Lunch- good food and you can walk to it from anywhere downtown. I don’t agree that Ramone’s is the best bakery although they’re certainly among the most expensive. I’m a Cherry Blossom fan, myself.

Hole-in-the-Wall, the Hunan in Henderson Center, Brick & Fire, and Bob’s Footlong’s (Fortuna) all got their props. Happy Donuts, next to the new VA office, won for Best Donuts, but they really should have won for “Best Cheap Lunch”.  They have a platter with three spring rolls with dipping sauce for $4.99 and if you don’t like cilantro you can call the night before and they’ll make you a cilantro-less version and set it aside for you. The donuts are pretty good, too.

I DO find it hard to believe that Shamus T Bone’s steaks beat out the AA’s. That will bear investigating.

But the prize for “Most Ironic” choice is The Works as favorite source for CD’s/Records/Tapes.  The beloved store has lost much of its business since the move to larger quarters on “C” Street and is in a precarious situation. So go down there and BUY something if you want your favorite to survive. Support ALL our local  businesses with your wallets, not just your admiration. Admiration don’t pay the bills.

No foolin’.