For months we’re been hearing that the right-wing media giant will drown us in propaganda.  (I claim it will only happen if they don[t have to pay any extra.) I tried watching North Coast News but kept falling asleep, so I’m asking for help from those of you who do watch it to give  us a head’s up if you see Boris Epshteyn or Sebastian Gorka delivering a commentary.  Note that on the graphic they could name Eureka but couldn’t find it on the map. Read about it here.

Sinclair and the News (I Actually Watched FOX!)

With all the anticipation of SInclair Broadcasting, the new owners of KAEF,   bringing into our market a bunch of right-wing propaganda apparently to be served up with our local news, I thought i had better check out the current offering, so I taped Friday’s  “North Coast News”.

I haven’t watched local news TV for years because it always seemed to be two or three days behind the online sources but it was kind of interesting. The anchors are a beefy male and a tiny woman, both of whom have difficulty pronouncing names that they could have figured out if they’d taken a couple of minutes to rehearse. The broadcast is done at breakneck speed to give a sense of urgency, or maybe to disguise the fact that they had no news to cover. (This was a Friday night, after all.)  The propaganda machine has not affected them so far; there was a segue into national news which was a brief recounting of the healthcare flop.  They were not afraid to criticize Trump when he deserved it (the Boy Scout speech) to I guess we’ll have to wait awhile for the Sinclair -style news.

Emboldened, I actually watched Fox news the other night and I was pleasantly surprised. The show was called “The Five” and was hosted by Bret Baier, who has always been the most reasonable of their commentators. I actually enjoyed it!  You never know.


Read about Sinclair  HERE

Short Ribs and Random Thoughts

KMart closing- Is anyone surprised? I haven’t been in there in years. Actually,  since they stopped carrying Martha Stewart dinnerware. Retail is in trouble all over the country, largely because of Amazon and other online buying. Nordstrom is closing a huge store in Washington DC. It just goes on and on.

Sinclair Broadcasting-  I guess I’m supposed to be upset about right-wing Sinclair buying up local stations but it’s hard for me to imagine that they’re going to put any money into this market and I don’t watch that awful North Coast News anyway .  If some of you could volunteer to keep me informed when you start seeing the canned propaganda they are supposedly going to unleash on us, I’d appreciate it. 

Coast Oyster in Peril- this has got to be the worst news ever. I’m an environmentalist but I’ll take oysters over eel grass anytime.  Dreadful!

Junk TV I Love–  Have you been watching A&E’s LIVE PD?  Nobody admits to watching it because you have to be brain-dead and a social reject to stay in on Friday and Saturday nights watching people being pulled over for missing tail lights but I swear it’s sort of hypnotic. Most of it is filmed at night and the lights and constant sirens sort of draw  of draw you in. It’s better than North Coast News, anyway. And did you notice that Crescent City made Beachfront Bargain Hunt?  The other night they showed a Redding couple who were looking to purchase a getaway and looked a three not-cheap places,  two on Pebble Beach Drive and one nearby .  All of them were in the close-to-$400K range, which is about $400K more than I would pay to live in that hellhole. (Our regular readers know I’m not crazy abut Crescent City). HGTV didn’t give a hint that  CC was other than a bucolic paradise. Just like when they featured King Salmon, they didn’t bother to mention the ten-year floods.  Buyer beware!

Take your daughter to work day–  Trump continues to embarrass the American people  by acting like the dictator of a banana republic.  Seating his daughter at the table with the G20 leaders was a insult.  This is what happens when you put amateurs in charge of the White House.

Upscale sushi in Palo Alto–  the famed Nobu restaurant now has a branch in downtown Palo Alto. I can’t even bear to visit PA anymore, it’s become such a bloated, trendy travesty of the  laidback college town it used to be.  I looked for a menu to post, but they don’t have one online. Obviously, it you have to ask the price, you don’t belong there. That hotel is near the coffee shop I worked in when I was a grad student.  Read HERE.  

Medi-Cal fraud has reared its ugly head in Sacramento.  Walmart too!   Read about it HERE.