Short Ribs and Random Thoughts Dec 21 2017

Do you still listen to Trump? I don’t. That “mute” button on the TV remote works just fine whenever I want to reduce my intake of bullshit.

IN PRAISE OF EUREKA BOOKS- I have a hard time shopping there because of the limited parking but I found a spot across the street.  My friends in Eugene, whom  I usually send Loleta Cheese to, laid down the law.  “NO Cheese”!  So I took a chance on Eureka Books.  I was surprised there were no local calendars, except for the Locally Delicious one. So I ended up sending them a box of cookbooks some of which were old vintage ones from the ‘sixties.  The EB folks packed them and mailed them so I didn’t even have to carry them a back to the car, post office etc. God Bless Eureka Books.

Our Fake President is holding a self-congratulatory rally while he gleefully kicks 13 million people off of healthcare,  and collects a fortune for himself under the new tax laws.  As someone said yesterday, he ran as a populist but governs as a plutocrat. How many people will have to suffer before it becomes clear that this would-be Emperor has no clothes?

FAREWELL, ALDO BONGIO- When I was in the habit of attending the BOS meetings,  Aldo was a frequent speaker. He was impassioned and sometimes went on little too long. Only Roger Rodoni could get him to sit down. He was a very nice man, very good-hearted,  and his son built the house next to mine. I’d like to think he and Roger  are reunited now.  Carry on, both of you.

A FRIEND OF THE BLOG tipped me off that I was posting links that couldn’t be followed.( I can’t tell from this end).  Trying to avoid that  from now on but if you  have ANY problems PLEASE let me know.  

WE WILL BE OFFLINE FOR A FEW DAYS. The cards are sent, the tree is up and my Christmas company is on his way.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. You are an outstanding group.