Trump IS “Nixonian” and you know how that ended up.

After the election, I was seriously depressed.    I thought I would have nothing but struggles to look forward to for the next four years.  I thought it was my god-given obligation  to keep sharing  and blogging about our incompetent President, but I’m so relieved.  Everyone else is doing it too! The Times-Standard letters reflect the widespread disgust and the President’s unhinged behavior will bring him down, just as  Nixon was brought down by his own character defects.  Nixon’s problem- one of them- was booze, Trump’s is insanity and ignorance.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how he wiggles his way out of his pre-dawn tweets. Meanwhile,  some of the best commentary is coming from George Packer at the New Yorker.  In his piece, Official Duties, he discusses the 25th Amendment- you know, the one that says you can dump a President who goes nuts.

Read the whole thing HERE.

Life In The Bubble

I don’t know how I would survive the Age of Trump if I had to live in a more “normal ” environment.  I know two people who voted for Trump and they both live on the East Coast, so I don’t see them often. Here, I can go everywhere knowing I will seldom or ever be reminded of the sordid mess gripping our nation.  We have an orange -haired asshole  screeching that  Putin is our friend. We have wierdo Steve Bannon displacing sober and intelligent military representatives on the national security council  and announcing that the sees his role as “deconstructing ” the government, or whichever  part of the government  he thinks he can do without that particular day.  And we have that same orange -haired asshole bleating  that the newspapers and TV etc are WRONG-  WRONG-  and that only HE can be believed. Someone estimated he told  1300+lies during the past month. That sounds about right.  HERE‘s another account of just a few days in February.

Trump, it’s clear, is not a traitor. The most undereducated man to ever occupy the White House doesn’t have the analytical skills to commit treason ; he’d need a lot of help.   His BA in Real Estate from Wharton didn’t teach him critical thinking or even punctuation .  There are other ways to end a sentence besides the exclamation point. Sad!  Nor apparently  did he learn to think on his feet.  He favors Twitter because he can just shoot his BS without fearing contradiction but is too chicken to face the White House Correspondents Dinner.  His cowardice will be marveled at by future generations.  But thin-skilled Don the Con is too chicken to show up.  JFK, Obama, both the Bushes showed up but not our little flower Don.  I don’t think he’ll be missed. The man has NO sense of humor, a dreadful deficiency for so someone in power. He’s too insecure.

I didn’t make it to Jared’s town hall on Thursday. I have the luxury o f knowing that my reps- and that includes Mike McGuire and Jim Woods also- will not disgrace me.   God, I love living up here in the bubble. 


Don the Con’s Power Grab- Muzzling Federal Empoylees

D the C committed several outrages yesterday.  Among them was  trying to impose a gag order on the Federal employees who spend YOUR money to accomplish Federal tasks. He doesn’t want them to be able to whistleblow or otherwise divulge that’s going on with YOUR money and resources.  What does he want to hide?   Hopefully ,the Unions and lawyers will atop this attack on free speech, but you can’t bet this is only the first time. He has NO HESITATION  WHATEVER to attack free speech and the next target might be YOU.  

Responsible citizens are  alarmed at his unhinged behavior.   HERE”S an update.


Why Does Trump Want His Family In the White House?

Well, first of all, he doesn’t have any friends. Forty years of scheming to defraud the people he does business with hasn’t resulted in his having a robust network of friends or even allies.

Second, his limited intellect and knowledge are well beneath the usual level for prospective Presidents. He is the most unprepared President in history.  He doesn’t KNOW how things are normally done, or why. Lil’ ol’ Reince Prebius is supposed to be keeping Don the Con on track.  He is failing at his task.  Trump is insulting our allies daily and trying his best to compromise our national  security  based on his warm fuzzy feelings for the KGB thug Putin.  His judgment sucks and I don’t want to be endangered by it.  

Can anyone talk sense to Trump?  An egomaniac who thinks he knows better than 17 intelligence agencies  is probably uncontrollable.  It will be left to the checks and balances of the system to put the brakes on this new Government by Ignorance.  Will he be brought down by his greed?  Or by his arrogance?  What a wonderful choice for the American people.

So the world is to be treated to the spectacle of Don the Con staffing his administration (correction: this is YOUR  administration)  with his untalented children.  Very Banana Republic. And this is making America great again? 

Every day Don the Con does something more hateful.  Taking off on Meryl Streep? He has no self-control, no dignity and no wisdom.  Even the 24% of the electorate that voted for him are getting tired of his act. He WAS entertaining for awhile.   Now he’s just an ignorant bore.  Hello, President Pence.

HERE is an interesting take from Salon about his unfitness.


“I Am A Very Smart Person”- Don the Con and the Art of Distraction

“I am a very smart person”.
Be honest, now. Have you ever known a REALLY smart person who would be caught dead saying that? Smart people aren’t that tacky nor do they brag about their intellect.
They don’t have to. Smart people know how to do something Don the Con has never done: lead by example.

Don the Con likes to tell everyone who  will listen that he went to “a very good school’,  meaning Wharton.  Let’s take a closer look.  The great reputation of Wharton is based on their MBA program, to which Don the Con never applied. He couldn’t even get into Wharton as a freshman,  (even with a millionaire daddy)  and had to go to Fordham for two years, then transfer although he has been known to claim that the reason he stayed back was that he couldn’t bear to leave daddy.  There is a lot available on this subject; Google is your friend.  He won’t release his grades from Wharton. Guess they wouldn’t show “how smart he is.”  His entire higher education  consists of an degree in REAL ESTATE, whereas the prized degree from Wharton is in Finance. In other words, he has about the kind of education you would expect from a man who is known to have never read a single book in his entire adult life.

This abysmal ignorance is becoming more embarrassing  every day.  He has lived a few blocks from the UN for years and still thinks its some kind of country cub? “They don’t do anything but talk!”  It’s called diplomacy, Don. A useful alternative to war, which you obviously prefer.

But Don the Con has learned one thing well: The  Art of Distraction. Just like a guy doing card tricks, he shifts the attention of the mark -(that’s us)- away from the main action to cover up his manipulation.  So on the morning  he was supposed to reveal his plans for avoiding  conflicts of interest while refusing to divest himself of his vast wealth, he started a stupid Twitter war to distract  everyone.  He loves Twitter because  a) it’s short and doesn’t require writing skills   b)  there’s no accountability and you never have to defend the stupid things you say in a tweet.  You can hijack the news cycle and never have to explain yourself  or your lies.  Twitter is the perfect medium for Don the Con.   

I continue to believe his greed will be his downfall. Get ready for President Pence.


“Give Trump a Chance!”

I can’t believe the folks who are claiming they didn’t know what they were voting for when they voted for The Jerk. To some extent I can sympathize, since he doesn’t tell the same story for more than a day at a time, but anyone who is surprised by his putting fascist Bannon in the White House or packing his financial appointments with the same Wall Streeters who raped  the citizenry before,  just hasn’t been paying attention.

I’m going to be sick of the Trump Administration before he even moves into the White House.  Sick of his clueless children too. It’s pretty clear that he won’t last out his first term. His greed is even bigger than his ego and will be his downfall when he is impeached for conflicts of interest. Get ready for President Pence.


Harassed at the Cutten Post Office! Beware the Trump thugs!

I went to my post office Monday as I do most days and I parked in the empty disabled space right by the front door.  I mention this because I have a small      4″x 4″ sticker on my car that says “Stop Bigotry” with a styled graphic (not a cartoon) of Trump that makes him look better than he does.  You have to be right next to the car to even see it.

As I got into the PO a young guy about 30, six feet, bland looking with short hair and a beard, approached me and asked me if I was voting for Hillary or for Trump. Hillary, of course, I replied. He proceeded to tell me, as fact, that Bill and Hillary were responsible for 88 murders so I guess he was an Alex Jones fan.  If I had wanted to converse with him, I would have told him that getting away with 88 murders is quite an accomplishment for someone in the public eye but I didn’t want to hear any more so I just walked down the hall to my PO box.  

I took my mail and started to leave but the guy had waited for me and now he wanted to talk about Benghazi.  I told him to look it up on Snopes and headed for the door. He still wouldn’t shut up and I ended up calling him an asshole.  He drove away in a white pickup.

The next day I called the main post office and asked what I should do if it happens again. They suggested calling “the local police”.  And I would suggest if this happens to you, saying very loudly “Don’t talk to me”. Then if they persist, call the cops.  You never know. They might show up.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m 5’2″, am about to turn 69 years old and park in a disabled space. Wonder if he would  have picked on someone his own size?


Brexit: the Aftermath

I’m sad that the EU is failing. It was a noble experiment and a source of hope for those of us who are congenitally opposed to tariffs, borders and immigration laws. And of course, the parallels between the fascist campaigns in Europe and the Trump campaign can’t be denied. It’s going to be a L-O-N-G election season. Fasten your seat belts.