Actor-Activist Ed Asner to speak in Redding

Ed Asner, the “Lou Grant” of television fame, star of numerous films and a lifelong labor and civil rights activist, will speak at the annual meeting of the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity chapter of the ACLU on Saturday, March 22.  The meeting is free and open to the public and will take place at the Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2850 Foothill Boulevard in Redding from 1-4 pm. Donations will be accepted to support the programs of the local ACLU chapter.

Asner, who is 83,  and has been nominated for 20 (twenty) Emmies and won seven. He also has had an extensive voice acting career,  his most recent success being the animated “Up”,  currently in rotation on HBO and other channels. He is the only actor to win televisions’s highest honor for playing the same character in a sitcom and a drama. He was president of the Screen Actors Guild for five years and has been active in a variety of causes both involving the rights of the working performer and other causes such as human rights, world peace, environmental preservation and political freedom. Recently, with actor Mike Farrell (MASH) has been outspoken in his criticisms of the Obama administration’s  Syria policy.

I would expect high interest in this event, so get there early and carpooling would be an excellent idea. I hope to be there. They don’t make ’em like this guy anymore.

For additional information, call (530) 410-8761.

3 thoughts on “Actor-Activist Ed Asner to speak in Redding

  1. Ed Asner has been a strong voice coming out of Hollywood for years. Have a safe journey and enjoy!

    Also, great letter to the editor in the TS today. Thank you!

    Are you as worried about Supervisor Bass’ and Supervisor Bohn’s Thursday a.m. closed weekly meetings about the homeless as I am? I happened to walk into one last Thursday and saw Supervisor Bohn and Councilman Newman there among a few uniformed safety officers. Makes me nervous, especially as it seems to have been spurred on and I’m imagining retains much of the spirit of Arkley’s homeless summit last fall.

      • No, maybe because there are just two Supervisors involved? It’s something Virginia has been quite public about – at least in conservative circles – (ie her appearances on KINS). If you are interested, I could look up exactly which appearance they discussed it.

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