Separation Anxiety- California and Scotland?

A Silicon Valley one-percenter is proposing to split the state six ways. Guess which part will end up with all the money?  It ain’t us.

Meanwhile, on September 18th, a referendum in Scotland will determine whether Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom or goes independent. The similarities between the Scottish situation and the putative State of Jefferson are interesting to compare.

MONEY: Scotland is a rich country due to the North Sea oil reserves. They can leave the Brits  behind and still survive economically.  (Scotland can already afford to educate its university students for FREE.) A State of Jefferson on the other hand will end up as the Appalachia of the  West. Other than tourism and weed, which will be selling for pennies after legalization, what do we have? Oysters. Good oysters, but still…Every candidate for office in Humboldt County in the last twenty years has run on a platform of bringing jobs to the county. Where are those jobs? I must have missed something.

HISTORY: The Scots were an independent people until 300 years ago with their own culture and language. ( To this day the average American has about as much chance of understanding a Scot speaking what is now is considered the Scottish dialect as he would have understanding someone from Newfoundland.) 300 years ago there were no “white” people in “Jefferson”. The State of Jefferson would have the highest proportion of Native Americans of any area in the State. Separating from California would not enhance their economic situation one bit. If it would, tell me how.  Yes, they would carry more clout locally because everyone else will be broker. But will their situation really improve? Will anyones? 

POLITICS: The Scots have long been more “socialist” than the rest of the UK. Within recent memory they were still sending a Communist or two to Parliament every year, usually from Glasgow. The factories and tenements of Glasgow were the inspirations for Karl Marx’s Capital. Glasgow is the only place where I ever had a cabbie return a tip because good Marxists don’t believe in tipping. The Scot’s desire to be free of “imperialist state” of the UK has deep roots and may well carry the day. Politics in “Jefferson” is more chaotic. With a 20% participation in the recent elections, it seems clear that most Jeffersonians (is that what they call themselves?) are not participating in politics because they’re  hopeless or too stoned. This paves the way for the Tea Party or other fringe groups to fill the vacuum. Not a pretty sight.  

Anyway, September 18th should be interesting. If the Scots opt for independence will they be part of NATO?  Will they adopt the Euro? What will happen to the North Sea oil, in which the Norwegians also have an interest? It’s been a long time since our states changed boundaries. In November, will the divide-and conquer strategy of the SV plutocrats win out over the welfare of the rest of us? Stay tuned.  And for God’s sake register to vote. 

10 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety- California and Scotland?

  1. The six states initiative was defeated. It is a separate movement than the State of Jefferson, but the report done by the legislators analysis office shows that “Jefferson” would be the richest of all the states in resources. That is real wealth. Jefferson will be the largest exporter of water in the United States in addition it already grows 60% of the nations marijuana. And that’s not even touching on the other resources we have. I think realizing you can be your own asset instead of somebody’s special interest is a beautiful thing. I hope Jefferson and Scotland achieve independence! Xx

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    • Hello, Dominga, nice to hear from you. Actually my blog addresses business issues in a very small market, Humboldt County CA, and I don’t know of any others who do the same. There are news blogs, political blogs , nature blogs etc and a kind of uber-blog called Lost Coast Outpost that aggregates a lot of them. If you are with a consulting firm you’re probably most interested in business? Can’t tell where you’re from. Australia? We are a rural county of 120K population and are well supplied with business consultants who complete for the limited local business. Do you know where we are? We are 300 miles of twisty road north of San Francisco. Main businesses are tourism, fishing and what’s left of the timber industry. Fell free to sign up for RSS which will deliver my future posts with into your inbox (sign up is at upper right).

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  4. to say Jefferson would be poor and unable to pay the bills is to ignore the government own statics
    It’s OK for Jefferson to be a “poor state” within California but not as its own State? Using government published data, the model below shows the public that Jefferson is indeed a viable entity

    further more you either believe in the principles that built this county or you don’t

    • Clearly there could be some debate onthe viability of a Jefferson but the my-way-or-the -highway attitude doesn’t help your or your cause to be taken seriously. Thanks for writing.

      • who said my way or the high way, i simply pointed out the this blogs characterization of the state of Jefferson was wrong and ignored existing government data that points to a stable viable state , i live in shasta county and there is more here them simply tourism thats just one of the few things our current government allows to exist here, these areas are economically suppressed by over regulation

        Freedom brings economic improvement via increased opportunity
        over regulation brings economic oppression

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