Dinner with Dogs??

Do you love dogs?  Sure.

Do you love OPD (Other Peoples’ Dogs)?  Uh, not so much.  

Well, as of January 1, California restaurants with patio spaces will be allowed to serve dogs right along with their owners, assuming the owners are human. This “change” will probably affect Humboldt less than more urban regions  because plenty of local eateries are already allowing dogs. The rules are that the patios must have separate entrances so that the doggies don’t enter the restaurant itself and they continue to be banned from food preparation areas. The new rule does NOT mandate that dogs must be allowed on patios; that’s up to the proprietors.  Nor does it change any of the rules on bona fide service animals. 

I’m a dog owner who does not envision taking my dog to a restaurant in this lifetime. For one thing, she’d eat everything in sight.  For another, she’d never be able to share space with one of those cute fuzzy little dogs that look and sound exactly like her squeak-toys. The other question is, do I want to share a table with someone else’s dog?  When MY dog drools  on the table, it’s cute. When YOUR dog does it, it’s disgusting.

I’m all in favor of consumer choice, so when I pass by a patio cafe where chows are chowing down in favor of a human-only environment, that’s a valid choice. I wonder how the majority of Humboldt diners will react to their new dining companions.

11 thoughts on “Dinner with Dogs??

  1. I agree. One point you didn’t mention though is the likelyhoold of a male/male dog confrontation. I can envision sitting down for a nice meal in an open air environment and suddenly having two male dogs bolt from their owner’s control to fight it out for territorial dominance. Talk about a definite buzzkill. I will not be paying for any meal I have to walk away from because of a dogfight.

  2. It is interesting when traveling in Europe that dogs are often in restaurants, on trains and elsewhere. Frankly, as a dog lover myself, I like friendly dogs wherever they are found. If only the U.S. wasn’t so uptight about EVERYTHING.

    • In Finland the dog-friendly railroad cars have a little logo on them that looks like a Scottie. Those are the best cars because the people are nicer (at least in my experience.).

      • My neatest RR experience with a dog was in Norway, on a local line. With the owner on one bench and the large dog on the other, and with both of them with their heads out the window, often looking the same direction, either forward or to the real It was AWESOME…

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