Election Notes October 2014

I don’t profess to be a “Famous Humboldt blogger” like our friend  Fred.  (Fred has a good sense of humor.) And I have to confess that I haven’t been as involved in politics as I normally am, due to family and health issues, but elections are important and I’ll put my two cents in. I think most of you know that I’m a nonvoting member of the HCDCC, and a lifelong Democrat.  

Eureka City Council- this is the easiest call. Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel are like a breath of fresh air compared to their undistinguished opponents, about whom the less said the better.  Give these two women a shot. You won’t regret it.

Fair Wage (Prop R)- I just accosted John Forrest, the owner of Hole-in-the -Wall, down at the store. I had not visited my favorite sandwich place in some weeks because I was so irritated at his apparent callousness in remarks reported by the Times-Standard. Then on Saturday, while I was struggling with my groceries in the Winco parking lot and the rain was starting to fall,  one of the HITW employees saw me and helped me.  Now I’m a regular again because of his STAFF. Mr Forrest is a genial guy but no one patronizes HITW because of him, it’s because of the STAFF. I hope the Fair Wage initiative passes. Yes, I know prices will rise. As an old lady on a fixed income, I’ll manage and so will others. There has been more ugliness and hypocrisy around this issue than any I can remember and it has been dismaying to behold.

No GMOs (Prop P)- If the family farmers who bring us the Farmers’ Markets and enhance our quality of life so much are for it, then I’m for it. ‘Nuff said.

FInally, the public safety measures, County Measure Z and Eureka Measure Q, are certainly worthy of your support.  Thanks to ALL the candidates and campaign workers for giving your time.  

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  1. In Humboldt’s case, as you know, the so-called campaign finance reform would stop the large checks above $1.5K per the T-Rex stated goal. Coincidently, they would stop the leftist Pierson and Tribe/Casino donations large enough to kickstart a campaign. As far as I am concerned it is the lack of candidates to challenge our incumbents like the Sheriff that is a problem. Perhaps that is why, to compare and contrast, the large campaign donations from unions, etc. to our next State Senator, that I left in the paragraph below.

    I was sent an e-mail notification from Disqus on the runway extension/new airline issue at STS (Snoopy International) in the Press Democrat. I saw the name McGuire. I was unfamiliar with Sonoma politics. We have lost due to term limits our state representatives from Humboldt. All of the contributions mentioned below appear to not be from Humboldt. Both of our state legislators (Assembly/Senate) will be coming from Sonoma County, not Humboldt County.

    I miss our Congressman Mike T. He had strong support. His time here in district was well spent. I especially liked the Pasta King dinners. It felt like he was the people’s congressman. I became a donor and felt like I was on a rolodex somewhere when I outbid Harvey Harper on a silent auction for wine.

    STATE—per Press Democrat—Senate, 2nd District — Mike McGuire

    McGuire is well informed, hardworking and, at age 34, unusually experienced with a resume that includes service on the school board and City Council in Healdsburg and, since 2011, serving on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

    Sonoma County Supervisor Mike McGuire…amassed sizable war chests that, while not guaranteeing victory Nov. 4, help cement them as the overwhelming odds-on favorites to win.

    The candidates’ ability to raise money also carries clout outside the campaigns, said David McCuan, a political scientist at Sonoma State University.

    “Dollars are needed to signal to others how serious a candidate is about the race, how influential a candidate can potentially be once elected, and it signals to elites that the candidate or incumbent is a player to be reckoned with down the line,” McCuan said.

    McGuire, who is seeking the 2nd District Senate seat spanning Marin County to the Oregon border, raised $198,203 from July 1 to the end of September. After spending $164,992, he had $296,677 in cash on hand, according to documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento.

    McGuire’s largest contributors this reporting period included the California Teachers Association, which pitched in the maximum $8,200, and the political action committee for Operating Engineers Local No. 3, which ponied up $7,500. Other large contributors included the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, California Permanente Medical Groups PAC, District Council of Iron Workers PAC, Barona Band of Mission Indians and E&J Gallo Winery. Each donated $4,100.

    Our next Assemblyman is from Healdsburg—Jim Wood—California’s 2nd State Assembly district is one of 80 California State Assembly districts. It is currently represented by Democrat Wesley Chesbro of Arcata..

    • I miss Mike T as well. He and I are both deficit hawks. Yes, Mike McGuire is VERY hard working. I can’t recall a candidate who made so many personal calls in their campaign. I like Jim Wood because he’s not a lawyer or career politician. He’s a dentist.

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