Arcata Business Closures

The Mad River Union has a helpful summary of recent business closures in Arcata. These include McKenny’s DIB, the St Vincent de Paul store on K Street, the Hunan Plaza Chinese restaurant (after 27 years!!), the Essence of Humboldt gift shop and , at the end of the month, the Eden seed and gift shop on Ninth Street.  It looks worse when you list them all together. Thanks to the Union for compiling these. No link available. 

The McKenny’s and Shafer’s Moves

After conversing  with staff from both companies,  we have established the following: 

1) The Arcata McKinney’s has indeed closed and is transferring its stock to the Eureka store on Hubbard.  Pay no attention to the TV ads which still show the Arcata store open. 

2) Shafer’s will continue to operate in Henderson Center AND will open a new store at the Old Safeway location on Harris near Harrison.  No word on an opening date. 

NonStop Sac to Boston, Siemens Shows Off

“Please come to Boston in the springtime..” Remember that song? Well, you might not make it by springtime but starting June 18 and continuing till September you’ll be able to fly to Boston NONSTOP from Sacramento on Jet Blue for as little as $199 each way. Take your kids on the Freedom Trail! Or catch the train up to Montreal- a one day ride- and show them a foreign country. That last would be my plan and I’m almost excited enough about it to consider flying again.

In other transportation news, Siemens is having a kind of expo on February 25 and 26 on the Capitol Steps to advertise its bid re: the HSR contracts. Again, it sounds like a lot of fun for train freaks (like me) and kids (like me.)  Check it out here or if the link doesn’t work check the Feb 12 edition of the Sacramento Business News.

Restaurant Wars- It’s Tough Out there

It’s probably because of the convalescence that has drained off any ambition that I ever had and  turned my brain to cottage cheese.  It’s from watching too many reruns of “Shark Tank”.  Anyway,  I noted it with glee when the SacBee reported that the restaurant in the Capitol basement had been shuttered because of roaches. Those of us who are pessimistic about the life management skills of our legislators and their minions will not be surprised that they’re not even competent to FEED themselves.  Anyway, they’re looking for a new operator and as the old nightclub joke goes, there’s a spot I wouldn’t give a leopard.

If you ever doubted that restaurants are a parlous way to make a living just look around Eureka. Avalon is gone, so is Hurricane Kate’s. Two Chinese restaurants have bitten it- the Far East and the Yeng -something on F Street, the one down from Partrick’s.  Liu’s is apparently still hanging in,  and hopefully they will survive their disastrous move to an  inferior location. I used to be a regular when they were near my office and they always served good,  not great, food.  The old location was within walking distance of many, many offices and they  were always busy at lunch.  No one works near them now.

Another recent closure was the Cutten Inn. Although I live nearby,  I ate there twice in twenty years, a greasy breakfast and a undistinguished entree from the period when they were trying to be a dinner house. The neighborhood scuttlebutt is that it’s been bought by the owners of the very successful Chalet House of Omelettes and that they have run into unexpected problems with the rehab.  From my innumerable viewings of “Flip or Flop”, the takeaway is that there are ALWAYS unexpected problems with a rehab. Let’s hope they can pull it off.

Our little enclave in Cutten is falrly well-served with food-  the deli at Murphy’s,  Tasty Tacos, Babe’s-  and believe me it’s handy to live near places like when you don’t feel like cooking.  I’m a big Tasty Tacos fan; I can make three meals from their chile relleno plate and I’ve recently realized how good their tostadas are.  Babe’s is reliable too and I don’t mind telling you that I have used their delivery service gratefully and they have the nicest staff in town. Babe’s has a very limited menu, pizza, salad and a couple kinds of pasta. My friend Frank Scolari said years ago that Cutten could use a good burger joint.

It’s still true.