It’s Back?!! OH’S is Coming BACK?

I hadn’t realized it, but according  to a Facebook page there are folks in our community who have been longing for the return of OH’s Town House, Virginia Bass’ steakhouse which closed in 2008. I felt  bad when it closed, because I had always intended to eat there.  Guess I didn’t want it bad enough to actually GO there. In those days,  I was pretty uninterested in steak. Then I discovered the AA and since then I’ve only eaten AA steaks.  I don’t know how they get that char to be so perfect but they are a hard act to follow, if anyone is really interested in opening up another meat palace here.

The thing is,  Virginia and her hubby-in-the-middle Matt Owen are using the Facebook page (bringohsback) and postcards, who knows what else, to float the idea that our 4th District Supervisor is seriously interested in reopening the restaurant that failed so recently. What’s changed?  Other than a few more folks going vegan every week.  Virginia squeaked by challenger Chris Kerrigan to retain her seat in 2014 so she won’t have to face another election for three more years. 

Well, here’s a theory.  The Facebook page shows a thousand “likes”.  That ain’t the same as a thousand investors. I claim the whole idea of bringing back OH’s is spurious and is intended to keep alive the notion that Virginia is a friend to business.  She ran on a platform of bringing in more jobs to the community, and , since she hasn’t done that,  and since she is an honorable person , perhaps she thinks that the only way to bring jobs to the community is to revive OH’s.  I’ll eat my hat if OH’s reopens.  I’ll also try one of their steaks.  Really!!


7 thoughts on “It’s Back?!! OH’S is Coming BACK?

  1. Looks like you’ll have have to get your steaks elsewhere as a new apartment building is in the works on the OH’s site…

  2. Better get a knife and fork!! Current local successful restaurant owner is very close to revitalizing that space and reopening. Things you don’t know about that space. it has a large banquet area, nice sized lounge, and a large kitchen. If ran correctly,( and there is no doubt the possible new owner has more than the ability to do it), it will add a much needed larger eating establishment that can handle banquets, luncheons, weddings, ect. The space is 8000 sqft. I’m sorry you are so uninformed. Negativity about people and not being open to new ventures is a factor to why many things are slow to happen around here. You should be more concerned with the fake, horribly run, weed fronted business that open one day and soon close thereafter, once the owner realizes its hard to run an honest business and that having illegal immigrants work your crop is much easier. I’m sure there are many unemployed waiters or waitresses or students that would be happy to have an opportunity to make decent money and tips. I agree with you that it is hard to do better than the AA but i always up for a new place to eat or old for that matter. I’d be super excited if Coney Island reopened! unless its owned by somebody I don’t agree with. In that case screw anyone that might have had nice memories of the Coney Island of the past.

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