The June Economic Index From HSU Is In -Home Prices Up

The Economic Index for June is in and again we thank Dr. Escher and his hardworking associates.  This month’s Index represents a milestone of sorts since the Lumber Manufacturing Index has been suspended “until we can find a sufficient number of data providers”.  Pretty sad when you consider the many years in which timber was king around here.   The Home Sales and Hospitality Indices are up, as you would expect during the summer,  bur Retail sales and Employment are down,  which you would NOT expect. Take a look at their Gas Prices graph and tell me demand isn’t 90% of the picture. 



2 thoughts on “The June Economic Index From HSU Is In -Home Prices Up

  1. Why would retail sales be down since it has been five years since the end of the recession? Are the people who are buying homes not buying items for them? Plus you would think that with all the visitors to the area now there would be an increase in retail sales. Are they just taking pictures?

    • All good questions. It is really surprising that our retail is so flat, considering it’s tourist season and the traffic has been heavy at both the Chamber’s and the Old Town visitors’ center.

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