The Republican Debate

As a Democrat, I don’t spend a lot of time handicapping the other party’s stable but this is a weird year. Here are some thoughts from Thursday’s debate.

JEB BUSH NEEDS NEW GLASSES. I am absolutely serious about this. Those wussy glasses he wears make him look elderly, which never helps.  His message will be lost unless he pays a visit to an optician or borrows a pair of glasses from Rick Perry. Just sayin’.

MARCO RUBIO IS AWESOME.  And we didn’t even get to really see him in action.

CHRIS CHRISTIE IS SALVAGEABLE.   When he doesn’t act like a bully, Christie can be very credible.  The problem is that whenever you look at him you hear Tony Soprano calling someone a “fat fuck”.  Christie could be someone’s running mate. He’s certainly more credible than Palin was.

RAND PAUL LOOKED LIKE HE WANTED TO BE ELSEWHERE.  The little snarlfest between him and Christie went to Christie, hands down.

KASICH WAS THE ONLY  “REAGANESQUE” GUY THERE.  If he achieves the nomination he will be a real threat to any Democrat running. Finally,

DONALD TRUMP IS A DISGUSTING PIG.   I have to admit, I used to be a Trump fan.  I loved The Apprentice and used to encourage my clients in job search to watch it, but his behavior in the past couple of weeks indicates that he’s totally lost his mind and doesn’t care who he hurts. He can’t come up with any evidence supporting his scurrilous attacks on Hispanics.  The best he could do was that “the Border Patrol” was his source for the information that the “Mexican government is sending criminals” over the border. Taking on Megyn Kelly afterward in a blatantly sexist manner wasn’t too smart either.  Megalomania will take him down. He may or may nor take the Republican  Party with him. 

WHO WON? Megyn Kelly, hands down. 



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