Eureka Restaurants Update

Marsa Jordan reports that her Zöe restaurant at 2850 F Street in Henderson Center, should be open sometime in the first two weeks of November, and we know a lot of folks are eager for the opening. She’s working with Carson Park Design on the website.

Just down the block on the other side of the bank, the Diver Bar and Grille is busy with their remodel and has moved in a wood-fired brick pizza oven that looks a lot like the one at Brick and Fire.  Yum! 

And the Cutten Inn remodel goes on and on and on…and on….


2 thoughts on “Eureka Restaurants Update

  1. Oneale’s Family Restaurant is opening where the A&W Root Beer used to operate at the Burre Center, Jonah’s SeaFood is opening in the vacant Texaco station at Harris and E, while Shakey’s Pizza is opening right across from the new McDonald’s on 4th Street….Maxwell’s will feature upscale fare in a converted Victorian house at Wabash near Broadway and The Feedbag across the street is going out of business after a semi-successful run….

    ….Oh, wait a minute…What year am I in ? 1975? Ooops, gotta go……

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