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A lot of hoopla was generated to welcome the “new” service at ACV yesterday (jet vs prop, bigger planes) but the Country’s Aviation Advisory Committee couldn’t come up with a quorum for its November 24th meeting. A number of important items were listed on the agenda for that day, including “Nominations and elections of HCAAC Board Members” and the annual presentation /status report to the Supervisors.  An additional meeting of the HCAAC has been scheduled for Dec 15, apparently to deal with that. It was mentioned during the non-meeting that the airport will be issuing a press release around Christmas to address drone registration and assistance  available from ACV and from the FAA.

Meanwhile the folks in Redding have added a new daily flight to SFO, the story HERE.  
Redding now has three flights daily to SFO, just like we do.   It is clear that community support is very, very important in luring air service to Humboldt.


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  1. We actually have four departures per day from our airport. Some days there are five. In November, United Express increased weekend departures to 5 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Because we now have larger planes, the number of seats has increased. We have 73% more seats available this December than last. January and February will also have approximately 75% more seats available.

      • The number of flights this month on this SA & SU (12/5&6/2015) are four between SFO and ACV. This is equal to about 5 of the 50-seat CRJ. Two of the four are the ERJ.

        RDD is using federal money to fund the third RJ to SFO.

        Currently, SFO is the most delayed airport in the nation, as is often the case.

        I think UAL could fill any two of the RJs to LAX and double ACV’s enplanements. Perhaps with a new CEO at UAL there will be new thinking. Monterey (MRY) today for instance has 3 CRJ-200 going nonstop to LAX. Hope this helps.

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