The Tragedy of Toni’s

Over New Year’s we had occasion to revisit Toni’s 24-Hour Restaurant.  This is a terrific establishment, especially at 2am when I will never see it, but we experienced the same flaw as on our first visit-stale frying oil. This time it was the chicken-fried steak , which otherwise would have been wonderful,  which had been fried in oil that should have been changed.   I brought it home for LouLou but it was really a shame. On the other hand, the onion rings were great. Go figure. The burgers continue to be superb. My companion ordered a triple and almost finished it.

My chicken-fried steak came with a choice of breads including a home-made biscuit, which was delicious  and served with a huge gob of soft butter.

I guess in order to avoid the tragedy and heartbreak of stale oil, you could just order carefully, staying away from  anything  fried.  “I’ll have a blue cheese burger and a biscuit”. Nah, doesn’t work. I’ll keep playing the cooking oil roulette at Toni’s because when they do get it right, it’s glorious.


16 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Toni’s

  1. Sometimes, it’s the atmosphere rather than the food. Especially at 2am where I have been a frequent diner. Delectable cuisine is not what makes Toni’s special. More often than not, my orders are one mono-toned brown…but, that just makes everything tastes so much better. Especially with a German Chocolate shake.

  2. So the chicken friend steak was bad because of bad oil, but the friend onion rings were awesome in the same fried oil? Did you think maybe it was you? Just kinds crazy to understand post. one fried thing bad other fried thing great

      • Do you not consider me a reader? Is it because I gave you a critical opinion?

        Perhaps a good topic for a business blog is that for every customer that speaks up about a problem there were 9 more who noticed and never said a thing.

        Perhaps another is how customers will tell you all day long how great you are and as soon as you believe them your stale and irrelevant.

  3. Not to mention the poor service, utter inability to get everyone their food at the same time so some people are finishing before others even get served, randomly tiny portions, random 30-60 minute delays even when they’re not busy, insistence on ruining their deserts by glopping sugar on top, constant screwing up of orders by leaving out ingredients or serving entirely the wrong dish, inability to keep water glasses full, not taking credit cards, abundance of loud annoying customers any time of day, filthy dimly-lit restroom,…

    • You are positively eloquent in your condemnation! Haven’t had the pleasure of checking out the restrooms but I would’t
      think Toni’s is the right place for you if you’re looking for the kind of service that keeps your water glass full.

      • You should check out their restroom. It’s out back, so you get wet going to it. It’s a little closet with everything smashed and covered in graffiti, with a light barely bright enough to see what you’re doing, rarely cleaned. I think the lock is broken too.

        Keeping customers’ water glasses full is basic service, that every restaurant should be capable of figuring out. Eating with no water is something most customers find highly unpleasant.

        • I think you’re looking for a different type of “restaurant”, my friend. Where are the McDonald’s that keep the customers’ water glasses full?

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