Sheesh! Another Eureka motel in Eureka for sale?

According to LoopNet, the venerable Christies’ is for sale. Can anyone recall a time when there was no Christie’s Motel? They seem to have gone over to the Dark Side in recent years. See it and other listings HERE.


3 thoughts on “Sheesh! Another Eureka motel in Eureka for sale?

  1. Part of the sell of these smaller motels are coming from tighter controls by the city – I was told this by an owner of a motel. Those who rent out to long-term tenets sometimes have more EPD calls because of various disputes caused by the tenants and managers not enforcing lodging rules.

  2. Christie’s Motel has been listed on Craigslist for some time. It may be overpriced, and it will take a lot of money and imagination to make it a desirable lodging option for travelers.

    • No kidding! And thanks for the tip about Craig’s List. I always use them for rentals but it never occurred to me that folks SELL RE there too.!

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