Loleta Cheese Finds A Buyer!

We’ve had a certain amount of fun at the expense of Loleta Cheese lately but no one is happier than we are to hear that the company is being bought by a Bay Area chef who’s going to bring the grilled -cheese craze to Loleta. Can’t happen to soon! We are really looking forward to the grilled -cheese bar and wish Chef Stokes all the best.

Southside Mike Against the Machine!!

Our favorite barbecue master has been put out of business by the County!!!

Mike posted the following on his Facebook page over the weekend

“Letter for Johns
June 24, 2016
To Southside Mike’s Friends and Patrons:
Over the past year we have enjoyed sharing our BBQ with Myrtletown and the Eureka area. Unfortunately today, we have some disappointing news to share with you.
You may or may not be aware that we have been struggling to gain a permit with the Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health (AKA the Health Department). While these folks agree that we do an excellent job following all regulations for a food booth, they maintain that there is no permit available for a BBQ trailer and a tent (unless we are at a festival.) Therefore today we have been asked to stop BBQing at John’s in Myrtletown.
On the bright side, we will still be at the 4th of July celebration in Old Town Eureka, in our usual spot in front of Roy’s. We will also be available for catering. We will continue our plan to build and open a local food truck ASAP.
Thank you for your patronage and support. Our sauce is still at the local grocery stores.”

This is a call to arms!  Check in with Mike on Monday in front of Roy’s and join those of us who appreciate low, slow cooking.  I’m distressed about having to do without that smoked mac’n’cheese and confounded that the talented folks in the County government have some dildo in the (old) Planning Department who couldn’t come up with a creative solution  short of punishing a growing business. The politicians talk so much about encouraging business. Where are they here?  Mark Lovelace is the Supervisor for Myrtletown. I’m letting him know about this and you should  too.

 I’m probably more upset than Mike is.  And waiting eagerly for his next venture/location.

Classy Digs in Old Town- Meet Firework!

Are you looking for a workspace? A meeting place? Tired of trying to run your business from the dining room table? Welcome to Firework!

Firework is a collection of offices, workspaces, and meeting spaces located atop the Healy Building, home to the Siren’s Song in Old Town.  Go around to the left of the building to access the entrance. There is an ELEVATOR, relatively rare in Old Town, and the views from Firework are spectacular. If I were to rent there I would have to arrange my furniture so that I couldn’t see out the window because just in the short time I was there I got very involved  in watching the birds on the roof of the building opposite.

The space is simply beautiful- lots of light and polished floors.  There is a group workspace where several people can work independently at the same time, with headphones. There are cleverly designed  “phone booths”  where you can have a private conversation and there are two kitchens. They offer different levels of membership to suit your needs.  There is 24-hour access and if there’s a better location in Eureka, I haven’t seen it. 

Like many good ideas, Firework was born of necessity. Mark Sullivan, who owns Firework with his wife, Kiva, is a telecommuter who does marketing for a firm in Atlanta. Check out their gorgeous website and get ready to move, but hurry. Their spaces are about half occupied already.  Here’s a link to the Times-Standard coverage of their recent ribbon-cutting.


Brexit: the Aftermath

I’m sad that the EU is failing. It was a noble experiment and a source of hope for those of us who are congenitally opposed to tariffs, borders and immigration laws. And of course, the parallels between the fascist campaigns in Europe and the Trump campaign can’t be denied. It’s going to be a L-O-N-G election season. Fasten your seat belts.


My Favorite Businesses: Rosewood Body Shop and A-1 Carpet Cleaning

I always complain about bad service. Here’s a tribute to those who provide GOOD service.

Recently I snapped off my passenger side mirror while exiting my garage. This is about the fourth time. I don’t recall where I took it the other times but this time I consulted Yelp and decided to go with Rosewood, a family-owned detail-and-body shop in Eureka  at 842 W 14th St, kind of across from Walgreen’s past the freeway. I don’t have a lot of details to go into because the service was quick and efficient and thorough. It took a couple of days to order a new mirror (my friend had done a great job of taping the old one on except I couldn’t open the window) but it only took a few minutes to install and I was good to go. The price of $186 was fair, and enough to make me more  careful about my garage exits.

The place is clean and cheerful with a nice little waiting area and the staff are friendly and  helpful.  I think it’s the mom who acts as receptionist but I was in and out so quickly I didn’t have time to find out!  We like that!

BTW, the defunct Asian restaurant catty-corner from the Walgreens has had a “Rita’s Taqueria Coming Soon” in the window for several weeks. Hurry, Rita!!!

The other great experience we had lately was having our rugs done, again, by A-1 Carpet Cleaners. They restored  our dining room carpet that I thought had been ruined by an inconsiderate dog. Phil and his helper did a great job for a reasonable price (two rooms for $97). Definitely recommended.. Their site is HERE.


TV Worth Watching: “Illuminated Wildlife” and other joys of “North Woods Law”

Those of you who read the blog regularly know that I have a high tolerance for junk TV, especially “reality”. I can watch reruns of The Profit or Save My Bakery. 

But recently I discovered North Woods Law on Animal Planet.  It’s about Maine game wardens tracking illegal hunters,  rescuing lost fishermen and just generally being helpful. They rescue eagles from traps, find old ladies lost in the woods and arrest a lot of people for shooting guns out of automobiles. I didn’t even know that was a thing.  When you watch North Woods Law you learn a lot about Maine, it’s geography, it’s people.  It looks awfully cold.

A lot of it sounds just like Humboldt. They find a medical marijuana farmer cheating by growing an extra field. When they find folks with small amount of weed, they seem to cut them a break.  A LOT of the hunters they deal with are drunk. Just like here. One of the charges they issue tickets for is “illuminating wildlife”.  You’re not supposed to go into the dark woods and shine your headlights or anything else on them because it causes them to freeze in panic making an easy shot for a hunter.   That “deer in the headlights” phenomenon is real!  Sometimes their work is somber as when they recover bodies of missing fishermen.  On Suddenlink this is all available on Channel 233. 

There are half a dozen episodes left in the current season, which is the last one filmed in Maine. Why?   Because of everyone’s favorite idiot Governor, Paul Le Page, who has never been known to walk and chew gum at the same time. Hizzoner  objected to his state employees being filmed so the show is moving to New Hampshire. Read about it HERE. 

Think I’ll go out and illuminate something.





Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote for Idiots

The only thing  more amusing than a blowhard laid low is a blowhard making a fool of himself in public.  We’ve had a lot of such amusement lately.  It’s getting tiresome.

Personally, I’m so sick of Donald Trump’s screeching that I turn off the sound when I see his face on TV.  I haven’t missed anything significant. The tide has turned for “Chicken Don”.  For the first ten months or so of his campaign, he could spew out any kind of garbage and no one challenged him. That’s changed. Both CNN and MSNBC, among others, are directly fact-checking him now and pointing out his lies as soon as he utters them.  That’s a good start, for the candidate who has been found to have spoken truthfully only 13% of the time.

His response to the Orlando shooting was particularly disgusting.    His tweeted reaction was to gloat over his supposedly having predicted- what? More terrorist attacks?  My dog could predict that!  To Trump, it’s all about him. One pundit described him as “isolated and unhinged”. That’s a good start.  He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know! Surrounded by paid help and sycophants,  he blunders onward like an out-of-control tank, spreading lies and hatred. This combination of arrogance and ignorance isn’t fooling anyone except, well, the fools. 

Do YOU know anyone personally who is planning to vote for Trump?  Do them a favor and talk them out of it. They’ll be ashamed to tell their kids that they voted for this idiot. And no, don’t roll out the old “Hilary is just as bad” line.  When it comes to dealing with ISIS or Putin, who do you want; the former Secretary of State or the guy who says the Orlando shooter is from “Afghan”?  Yes, watch the tape.  This guy couldn’t find Afghanistan on a globe and he wants to be President?

Ain’t gonna happen. No thanks to the lazy and foolish Republican party that lay down in surrender to this screeching ignoramus. Hope that doesn’t include you.



Forwarded to us by a true Friend of the Blog, Gregg Foster,  the table below compares flights out of ACV to last years’.

As Gregg says,  “Traffic is up significantly over last year. The bottom line is that for the first five months, the number of departing passengers is up nearly 27%.”

I’d say that’s significant.




% Change from 2014


% Change from 2015

(Jan) 3,386




(Feb) 3,092




(Mar) 4,006




(Apr) 4,727




(May) 4,540




(Total) 19,751