Will Someone Please Buy The Eureka Inn?

You don’t hear much about the Eureka Inn these days. When the current owner took over, the whole town turned out to welcome him but since then things have been pretty quiet.  There hasn’t been much promotion, the service clubs that used to meet there have gone elsewhere and only the occasional music performances seem to be bringing people in.

I had a friend stay there over the Fourth .  Her room was fine, the cold breakfast was acceptable but check this out:  there is NO TELEPHONE ACCESS to the Inn from 8am until around 930!!!!  I was calling to reach my friend and kept getting transferred to another number that no one ever answered.  I finally reached her on her cell but by that time I wondered what would people do in an emergency.  I called back about 930 and the woman who answered told me nonchalantly that, yes, there was no telephone response during  breakfast hours because they don’t have enough staff to answer the phone and serve coffee, rolls and hard boiled eggs at the same time.

So this is where they’re at after several years.  The owner’s lack of ambition and , apparently, money, have left us with exactly  the kind of operation we dreaded upon hearing that his background consisted of owning a Day’s Inn, I think it was in Monterey.

I’m sure they are nice people but PLEASE GOD LET SOMEONE BUY THE EUREKA INN who knows how to run a fine establishment. It can limp along forever but what a damn shame.  This is the place where Shirley Temple and Cornelius Vanderbilt stayed (not together).  If only someone with smarts and money would take over this wonderful place, which used to be the heart and soul of the community.  Light a candle.


10 thoughts on “Will Someone Please Buy The Eureka Inn?

  1. I was in the building the other evening and I was pretty impressed. Pool looked good. The new rear entry is nice. No odor problem. Palm lounge ok. Had some guests. Only suggestion is clean up the weeds in the cross street parking lot! It’s the first thing folks see that have to park there and it’s a mess.

  2. As one of my motel clients told me, ” for the price to buy the Eureka Inn and fix it up you could build a brand spanking new, first class motel. It doesn’t make any financial sense.”

    • ….And it probably doesn’t unless one could monetize the history aspect. I have a clipping which I need to turn into the Historical Society reporting that Cole Porter stayed there in June 1940. THAT’S why people want to stay there, rather than a “first-class motel’. But it takes promotion.

  3. Even Don Clausen isn’t around to hold court there anymore…..
    Everyone seems to forget back when the Inn was “in” Humboldt County had an economy. That has been lost over the last 15-20 years. For someone with $$$ to invest in something like the Inn they’re going want a post WW II economy with some kind of future.

  4. I miss the Eureka Inn as managed by John Porter. Even before him when it was a part of the chain Master Host it was better.

    • Even ten or fifteen years ago, it was the hotspot of Eureka. The Porters’ current renovation of the Benbow is going to be a wonder. Can hardly wait for it to be done.

  5. It would take a person or entity with very deep pockets to bring this grand old place up to snuff. The question the investor would have to ask is would there be a viable return on the massive capital outlay?

    • You have stated the problem correctly. When the Inn last changed hands, the figure $6M was being mentioned. Considering the Clarion is for sale for something under $4M I think $6M is a good figure. And it needs work!!

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