Even the Rich are Fleeing Bay Area Housing Prices

Not that we want to be smug or anything like that, but it’s hard not to experience a bit of schadenfreude when you hear stories like the President of the SF Federal Credit Union relocating to Oregon because of housing prices.  The details are HERE.

Also, recently,  a  Palo Alto planning commissioner announced that she was moving to Santa Cruz after going to extreme measures, including renting a house with another couple. Her story is in the sidebar to the Palo Alto story. Santa Cruz isn’t much of an answer. And in Sonoma, people are paying half a milll for houses that would go for $300K up here. Unbelievable  but true. 


5 thoughts on “Even the Rich are Fleeing Bay Area Housing Prices

      • I own a huge house on a massive lot one mile from pebble beach..bought it for 150k 10 yrs ago..yes, crescent city isn’t for everyone..glad it isn’t as well..couldn’t pay me to move back to humboldt

    • Just looked at the Carlotta listings. Can’t believe anyone would pay $430K for a acre + house in CARLOTTA. Seems really overpriced.

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