Yes, Raliberto’s is all that

All I’ve been hearing about the last few weeks is this taco place on 4th Street in the same locale that formerly housed The Generous Armenian, among other mistakes. (Isn’t that the worst name for a restaurant you ever heard? The FAT Armenian would have been better).  It was a deli for awhile, then an Asian place that was never open.  Then it was some kind of adult school.

Sanity has prevailed and food is now being served in the little log cabin at the corner of 4th and  “L” in Eureka.  The genial owner shared that he’s a little put off by the sketchy clientele  (these folks are from Crescent City, just to put things in perspective) but business is good.  I had forgotten how good real carnitas are. My carnitas burrito ($5.95) was not only delicious but  huge and I had to finish it for breakfast this morning.  Raliberto’s has raised the quality of life in Eureka. That’s the truth. 

Check them out and let us know what you think. Open 9am-10pm. Call 273 5290 for takeout.

P.S. ! went back the next day. You will too.  Check out the tamales.  (2/$5) They are sublime.


4 thoughts on “Yes, Raliberto’s is all that

  1. Wasn’t this place originally Bob’s Foot Long Hot Dogs in the 60s? As for Mexican food, I miss Joy’s Diner at Wabash and B Streets for her Mexican breakfasts.

    • I can’t remember what it was in the “Sixties and we ate breakfast almost every Sunday at Stanton’s! The hallowed Bob’s is a Fortuna institution. Did they start in Eureka? I have no recollection of Joy’s, unfortunately.

      • I believe Bob’s started in Eureka before moving to Fortuna. Joy’s Diner was a half block up Wabash from B Street. This was about 1985. She moved to a larger cafe in Old Town in the early 90s. Stanton’s and the Woodsman’s Room therein was Eureka’s version of Tiny Naylor’s.

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