Have Your Next Party At The Zoo!

Mike McGuire’s party last week at the Zoo was a fantastic event. Lots of old friends and Danniel, the giant Holstein,  was on hand along with a skunk, a charming  black goat and a donkey with incredible lungs.  It was a beautiful evening in a beautiful setting and I don’t understand why more groups and /or companies  don’t use this wonderful facility.

Contact them at the Sequoia Park Zoo office. It’s a heck of a lot more fun than the Wharfinger.


John and Austin and Heidi and Everyone Else

Am I the only person in town who’s less than thrilled about having a Evangelical minister appointed to the Eureka City Council? I’m not sure which is worse, the manipulations and games of “chicken”  that cleared the way for her, or the ineptitude on the part of the progressives that allowed this to happen. Anyway, for the next four years we have a Foursquare Gospel minister on the City Council, and she got there fair and square.

Would a priest or a rabbi ever be elected to the  City Council?  Protestant ministers are an easier sell because they don’t wear weird clothes.  Protestants are more “mainstream” but some of them have religious beliefs that are decidedly not. How will Ms Messner vote on funding  (healthcare plans that include) abortion for City employees? At the Harbor groups forum last week, an extremely routine issue involving cannabis came up. Messner, alone, insisted the measure needed more study. Cannabis has been studied to death. Let’s hope she recuses herself from voting on cannabis issues in the future.

A look at their church website is instructive. The section on Belief/Hell is enough to remind me that I have nothing in common with anyone who believes that.  Take a look at it HERE. 

Foursquare ministers in Idaho ran afoul of the law for refusing to perform gay marriages.  Just so you know.

This may be an interesting ride.

The John Fullerton vs Austin Allison race will also be interesting. John Fullerton is one of two Republicans in the county that I speak to. (Disclosure: he does my taxes.) Can’t recall who the other one is. I got to know him during the brouhaha about the high school shop classes and I have a lot of respect for him. John has a long history of civic involvement, Austin’s is largely related to Union organizing at St Joe’s, a worthy endeavor if there ever were one. I give him credit for stepping up and I would vote for him if I lived in Eureka only because a vote for John is a vote for the status quo. (Disclosure: I donated to Austin’s campaign.) 

We will be offline for the next three weeks or so. Have a wonderful October!



WHY Do People Still Do Business with Wells Fargo?

They’ve been being sued by consumers through my whole adult life. The mortgage suits were bad enough. Now they’ve created fictional accounts and have been suspended from doing business with the State of California. Read about it HERE.

I grew up in a family that thought BofA was the next thing to God, but after I got out of school and had my own money I discovered credit unions and never looked back.  I particularly recommend Coast Central.  

If any of you are still  doing business with this criminal enterprise, please tell me why. I’d love to know.


Able-Bodied? Looking for Work? Join the Laborers’ Union!

The LIUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) is advertising in the Times-Standard that “Laborers’ Union Local 324 is looking for for journeyman laborers.” Not an apprentice program, you have to have some experience.  The ad continues, “Contact Larry Proctor at (916) 710-5195 to meet and discuss your skills and experience. Find out how to get started!  Cost for a qualified journeyman to join is $826.  Interviews will be held by scheduled appointment at the Eureka Labor Temple, 840 E street, Ste 15, Eureka”. 

The fee is probably a dues/initiation fee and a wise investment for anyone who wants a good Union job. These opportunities don’t come around often so go for it. Good luck!