The Birds, Part Deux

A few days ago I mentioned my plan to dispose of old stale cereal by feeding it to the neighborhood birds.

So I dumped a box of old Special K out in my driveway and waited for the results.

The first morning,  nothing.   It was untouched.

The second morning, same .

The third morning,  the cereal was gone. Not a flake was left. It looked like someone had vacuumed the driveway. The only animal I know that can clean up like that is a dog.

So one of my neighbors’ dogs is running around stuffed full of Special K.   I’m sure it won’t hurt them but none of this is getting the birds fed. Tonight I’m putting out the cornflakes.   


“I Am A Very Smart Person”- Don the Con and the Art of Distraction

“I am a very smart person”.
Be honest, now. Have you ever known a REALLY smart person who would be caught dead saying that? Smart people aren’t that tacky nor do they brag about their intellect.
They don’t have to. Smart people know how to do something Don the Con has never done: lead by example.

Don the Con likes to tell everyone who  will listen that he went to “a very good school’,  meaning Wharton.  Let’s take a closer look.  The great reputation of Wharton is based on their MBA program, to which Don the Con never applied. He couldn’t even get into Wharton as a freshman,  (even with a millionaire daddy)  and had to go to Fordham for two years, then transfer although he has been known to claim that the reason he stayed back was that he couldn’t bear to leave daddy.  There is a lot available on this subject; Google is your friend.  He won’t release his grades from Wharton. Guess they wouldn’t show “how smart he is.”  His entire higher education  consists of an degree in REAL ESTATE, whereas the prized degree from Wharton is in Finance. In other words, he has about the kind of education you would expect from a man who is known to have never read a single book in his entire adult life.

This abysmal ignorance is becoming more embarrassing  every day.  He has lived a few blocks from the UN for years and still thinks its some kind of country cub? “They don’t do anything but talk!”  It’s called diplomacy, Don. A useful alternative to war, which you obviously prefer.

But Don the Con has learned one thing well: The  Art of Distraction. Just like a guy doing card tricks, he shifts the attention of the mark -(that’s us)- away from the main action to cover up his manipulation.  So on the morning  he was supposed to reveal his plans for avoiding  conflicts of interest while refusing to divest himself of his vast wealth, he started a stupid Twitter war to distract  everyone.  He loves Twitter because  a) it’s short and doesn’t require writing skills   b)  there’s no accountability and you never have to defend the stupid things you say in a tweet.  You can hijack the news cycle and never have to explain yourself  or your lies.  Twitter is the perfect medium for Don the Con.   

I continue to believe his greed will be his downfall. Get ready for President Pence.


The Humboldt Spay/Neuter Clinic is looking for a new home.

We received the  following from Jennifer Raymond of the Humboldt Spay/Neuter They sound like a worthy outfit so if you can help them,  please do so.

Hello, I wanted to let you know about our small (non-profit) business, Humboldt Spay/Neuter Clinic. We operate a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for cats and are presently spaying or neutering approximately 200 cats each month (that should be good news to the birds in your yard!). We would like to open our services to dogs, but need a larger location. Our present space is the building in front of The Farm Store in Eureka (the one with the great Flatmo mural of horses), which is just 800 square feet. We are seeking a location with approximately double the space. I thought I’d mention it to you in case you might be able to get word out in the business community, or could guide me to any business organizations where I could spread the word. (I am aware of Dr. Humble’s space, but it has a couple of major drawbacks: 1) right now he is asking the new tenant to buy all of his equipment and supplies for $300K or more, and 2) his surgery suite is located upstairs which is problematic, though it would indeed keep us all in great shape!).

You mentioned in your post that we have a shortage of veterinarians in Humboldt, and indeed we do, especially for affordable spaying and neutering and basic wellness care. Cat spays currently cost between $150 and $320 depending on the vet used, and dog spays are between $250 and $800 or more, depending on the size of the dog and the vet used. Our regular price to spay a cat is $85, reduced to $55 (or less) for low-income, stray and feral cats. Our dog prices would be in the same range. We know these services are desperately needed, so if there is any way you can help us spread the word that we are in need of a new space, we would be most appreciative. We are not requesting charity; we are able to pay rent and would even consider purchasing an appropriate space.

Thank you for your website and for listening to my plea. Jennifer Raymond, Director Humboldt Spay/Neuter Network 707.442.1426 (personal phone)




The Birds

Do you put out food for the birds during winter? Or any other time?

I used to, till I got sick of the birdshit that piled up in the vicinity of the feeder.   I had the feeder outside  the kitchen window.  The idea was to watch the sparrows -or whatever they were- feeding..  But the sparrows -or whatever they were – would panic as soon as anyone entered the kitchen and fly away.  The only exceptions were the bluejays.  No panic for them!  They hardly noticed me.  They would hang off the feeder with what I thought was  an arrogant expression, kind of a Robert Di Niro shtick;    “You lookin;’at me?? Well, I’m the only one  here”.

I gave up on the feeder after a couple of years but there still seem to be a huge number of birds in the yard.  I have robins as big as chickens.  I have lots of hummingbirds, nasty little creatures that fly near your eyes in a threatening manner. (Yes!)  One time I saw a spectacular yellow and black bird that I still haven’t identified. 

My neighbors’ cats like to hang in my backyard also,  because it’s fenced and safe from dogs.  (MY dogs couldn’t be bothered.)  I’ve also had skunks, coons and a couple of bears. But the yard is primarily a bird sanctuary.  Invited or not, they will come. 



The other day I noticed that John Fullerton had posted a response to my blog post of TWO MONTHS AGO as follows:

“As I told you  last summer at the Harbor Group  luncheon, I am an independent and NOT a Republican.   Like I told you,  I changed it several years ago. I also told you I haven’t been involved in partisan politics in almost 15 years ago.”

John must have been a little unglued to post such an ungrammatical thought but I got the gist.  Did I argue with him???  Heck no, I replied “Whatever you say, John.  Have a great Holiday season.”

A couple of days later I got a letter from his office manager to saying:  “Just a short note that we will NOT be doing your tax returns in the future.”

I cried for hours, of course.

 I guess this is my punishment for calling him a Republican.  This is the  guy who was the county CHAIR of the GOP  just a few years ago.  I always thought we had a good, if slight,  relationship.  I’ve never said anything but nice things about him. Can’t remember why I started having him  (I should say, his staff) do my taxes, but I’ve always been satisfied. Well, next time I see John I will offer my apologies for having called him a Republican. Such are the times we live in.

Then I guess I’ll have to find another CPA, or maybe I’ll just start doing them myself again. So my punishment will involve about five minutes to find someone else.  If this ends up costing me money, I’ll let you know.

BTW I checked out the Humboldt Republicans website for the first time. All mention of John’s checkered past as a Republican have been excised long ago, of course,  but what they DO have front and center is a link to Brietbart.  Such are the times we live in.


Where can you get a clock fixed around here???


  Every wall clock I have is a cheapo from CVS except for my pride and joy- a clock shaped like a lobster that I paid 50¢ for at a garage sale in King Salmon when I was still moving in to my place baclk in ’93.  I thought perhaps it had been in a local restaurant, maybe even Gill’s, but no one claimed it.  I took it to the clock shop that the old guy used to have in back of Safeway (now Shafer’s) and had him put in a movement.  I think it cost $5.  It’s been hanging in my kitchen ever since.   If there were ever a fire and I had to get out fast, that clock is about the only thing I’d worry about taking.  When my precious lobster stopped keeping time, I called Ten Window Williams.  Who else?  
    So when I called the number, that TWW gave me, (707) 407 6622, I reached Dave of Dave’s Clock Repairs, who came to my house, picked up the clock and brought it back working a few days later. Tariff was $45. All is well again  and I highly recommend Dave for any chronological  problems you may have.  Support your local clock repair guy!