Cutten Animal Health Center is Closing!

I’ve been taking my animals to CAHC since 1993 and have never had any complaints. Dr Humble has always been good with them and didn t try to run up the charges the way some vets do. But when I went it Tuesday to get LouLou her shots I was greeted by a sketchy looking couple who informed me that the doctor was no longer available and that the practice had been closed. The only service they were offering was to copy the vet records.  The lobby was strewn with pizza boxes. 

I knew Dr Humble had  had problems before but I thought he was great and my animals loved him. After 23 years you should at least get a cheery postcard if they’re closing. But that’s life.  If you have records down there get over there in the next day or two.. 

In Humboldt we now have a shortage of vets to go along with our shortages of doctors, nurses, surgeons and nursing-home beds.  What next?


19 thoughts on “Cutten Animal Health Center is Closing!

  1. I worked for Dr humble for maybe 3 weeks before I started working for Broadway Animal Hospital. I moved all the way from the midwest for that job and Im so so happy to know he is out of business. He was very aggressive with the pets and employees. Often know for throwing tantrums much like a child. He did not value your pets safety or health from what I saw. I’ve never seen such lack of compassion from a “professional” before. Terrible person all around.

  2. I have only just heard of this, but what GREAT news!!! Even though I did not like his bedside manner for owners, he seemed to be competent and respectful to his canine clients. Which seemed funny to me because the pet owners were the ones paying his bills. I was forewarned about him, but continued to see him for years without issue.
    But that aside, my dog mysteriously and suddenly died in CAHC on an overnight ‘watch’. Oddly enough, five weeks later Dr. Humbles license was suspended by the State for many malpractice allegations. IMO it should have been REVOKED!! I hope this POS rots in a gutter and all of his MANY mortgages/rentals in HumCo go into default!! I also hope he chokes on one of his dumb ass bow ties!
    BAM!! Good riddance!!!

  3. I have been going to Dr Humble for 13 years. I never doubted his treatments to my animals. He went above and beyond what he needed to do. I am sad that he is no longer in practice. I will continue my pet’s care with Myrtle Avenue.

    • I feltDr Humble was very competent; however, I felt I was overcharged at times, but the doctor was very knowledable. The customer service was the worst I have ever encountered anywhere in Humboldt County. A women working there was absolutely rude to customers constantly and should have been fired years ago. She brought down the moral of the whole center. Maybe she is partly responsible for the demise of the business.

  4. if you are shopping for a new vet I would suggest myrtle ave vet, 2715 Hubbard Ln, Eureka, CA 95501. I am not affiliated with them- just a satisfied customer. And reading what you posted above, i think you will like them too.

    • I think that’s where we’ll end up. Funny, when I bought my house in ’92 the proximity to a vet office was a big factor. Thanks for the reccomendation!

          • You may want to check with Broadway Animal Hospital again. When I took in a foster cat to save it’s life. Broadway took her in as a new paitent. And they are also willing to see a dog that I adopted from a local rescue. I do have one dog that has been seen their for a while, after Dr. Humboldt put my two dogs on Heartworm prevention medication without doing a heartworm test first which I asked three times for each dog don’t they need that test first. I trusted him because he was my vet for almost 20 years before I got married in 2003 and even saved one of my cats lives. He was a good vet then. so when I came back to the area from South Dakota I took our animals back to him. I latter found out that State Law requires that a heartworm test be done on any animal over the age of 6 months that has not been on heartworm prevention and that is because if you give them the preventive medication and they have stage two heartworm or higher that some of the preventive medication can cause larger heartworms to break of and go to the brain and outher vital organs and kill you dog. He also put my dogs on Nexgard flee and tick treatment and prevention medication. Well it turns out that their are seven different breads that Nexgard should not be given to because it can cause seziours in, and one of my dogs was the number one breed listed not to give it to. Nexgard also comes with a warning not to give to any animal with a history of nurological problems because it can cause seziours in them as well. That mean it should never be given to a rescue dog, because most rescue dogs you don’t know if they have ever had a neurological problem History, thus if they have had one that the rescue did not know about then it could cause seziours. As mentioned before not only is on of my dogs the number one breed it should not be given to but he also came from a rescue that did not know if he had had a past history of neurological problems. Well because of his recomending this medicaltion my dog developed a seziour disorder and will have to be on seziour medication for the rest of his life. Also he had a several Vet. Tecs. working for him that held a licence in Mexico only and had no training in the U.S. and had them doing surguries that Vet. Tecs that have had the proper training in California or the U.S. for that matter or held a licence to practice as a vet. Tec. in the U.S. and California for that matter are not allowed to do. Then when then two inspectors for the Vetenary licencing board Showed up he got in their faces and verbaly went off on them to the point that. they feared for their safty. So he did this to himself for not following the rules. And It’s sad to see, because he had always been a good vet. Before personal problems seem to cloud his judgement and that seems to be when he started making dumb decissions that caused harm to animals. This is a shame because The Dr. Humble I knew when I left the area with my husband and the one I saw when we returned to the area were to different people. The one I knew had a passion to save animals lives, but after personal problems interfered with his judgement he started making stupid decission that claimed the lives of some animals and harm to others. I would still consider him a good vet, but one that made some really bad decissions and continued to do so. The sad fact is the rescue groups that he did all the spay and neters for are the real victims in all this. Maybe one day if he gets the help he needs to resolve whatever is going on is personal life and can prove to the vetenary licencing borrd he can get his licence back.

    • Myrtle avenue Vet clinic & feed store both really good people I usually take my mom’s dog there to get her nails trimmed

      • Yes! I called them yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that they would see LouLou on a walk-in basis and then set her up in their system. They seem very easy to work with.

  5. Dr. Humble has been under investigation by the State Attorney’s General office for numerous years. In a discussion I had with an AG investigator several years ago. Kim Settle, they had been trying to remove Humble’s ability to practice for numerous years. I was informed that other local Vets testified on his behalf to keep him in practice. We can thank Gallegos, Bryd Lochi, Dr. Oliphant and many others for allowing this monster to continue to kill and abuse animals. Your experience is not reflected in the countless complaints I have received over 16 years. I have my own personal experience with this piece of crap when my cat was murdered by a meth addict. The EPD was willing to prosecute the animal abuser. Humble refused to assess the indent on my cat’s coccyx. It was obvious that my cat was struck by a blunt object then took my money. When I complained he informed me that “I was too fat and needed to exercise”!!!
    I pray that this Son of Bitch soul rots in Hell for what he has done to the animals. His treatment of the animal welfare groups and public has been criminal. His scammed 1000’s of dollars from the groups, public and the Humboldt Area Foundation. The fact that other Veterinarians listened to his libel and slander of anyone complaining about him is unforgivable.

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