“Give Trump a Chance!”

I can’t believe the folks who are claiming they didn’t know what they were voting for when they voted for The Jerk. To some extent I can sympathize, since he doesn’t tell the same story for more than a day at a time, but anyone who is surprised by his putting fascist Bannon in the White House or packing his financial appointments with the same Wall Streeters who raped  the citizenry before,  just hasn’t been paying attention.

I’m going to be sick of the Trump Administration before he even moves into the White House.  Sick of his clueless children too. It’s pretty clear that he won’t last out his first term. His greed is even bigger than his ego and will be his downfall when he is impeached for conflicts of interest. Get ready for President Pence.


10 thoughts on ““Give Trump a Chance!”

  1. This is going to be one interesting social experiment for America.

    I suspect Donald Trump cares more about Donald Trump than anything else. I also believe that his characteristic self-dealing will make him and his friends the wealthiest and greediest people on the planet, making even Dick Cheney’s blatant past plundering of the treasury for no-bid contracts in a fraudulent war look like mere peanuts in comparison.

    I also believe being the narcissist, sociopath, and pathological liar that we’ve already witnessed, he will inadvertently make mistakes exposing his true motives. I just hope we don’t get into WWIII because he gets a bruised ego, coupled with his hawkish cabinet and Goldman Sachs ‘blood in the streets’ money-makers now part of the administration. For that matter, I hope he doesn’t collapse the economy by piling on a trillion dollars of debt to enrich himself.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around how we got to this point. Is the American public smartly wise– or terribly stupid, blind, and mislead? I mean, this guy couldn’t even prepare himself properly for the debates. He flip-flops, he lies, he insults, he inflames. He makes promises (282 in total so far) he can’t possibly do. He says we can’t take him literally.

    I don’t believe there are two Donald Trumps– the candidate we saw and the President he will be. They are one and the same person. What you saw is what we’ll get.

    • I very much agree. I keep reminding myself that only 50% of the populace vote at all and he’s squeaking through with less than 50% of the remainder. But we’re still stuck.

  2. This country as we know (or knew) it, is doomed. Just ask one Tr..err..fishmouth (I cant say his name without retching) supporter why he voted for him and the answer will be clear as to why were doomed. California needs to band with Oregon/Washington/Baja Ca to form a new country.

  3. My take is that all of the appointments so far are Pence’s picks, that Pence will be a shadow president, and Trump is just along for the ride. If Trump really wanted the job (I suspect not, more of an ego thing), he doesn’t now after realizing how much it will change his life, both personal and for all of his business interests.

    It’s quite the lottery win for a governor who was facing reelection defeat. We saw this before with Cheney guiding Dubya, except Pence is a far right radical compared to Cheney.

  4. That may be worse. The executive branch of the federal government is the least of our worries. Both houses of Congress are now able to enact legislation that will be surely signed into law by the President. So the opposition needs to focus on Congress.

    • True. The other scenario is that when he realizes he is actually on going to LOSE money by being President, he’ll resign.

  5. He won’t be impeached. Impeachment of an Republican politician is no longer possible. They control the House. They control the Senate. They control the Court. They have gerrymandered and paid their way into permanent control. But, we did get something that we’ve been wanting for years: an end to the two-party system. I don’t think the current one-party system is quite what we were looking for, though.

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