Don the Con’s Power Grab- Muzzling Federal Empoylees

D the C committed several outrages yesterday.  Among them was  trying to impose a gag order on the Federal employees who spend YOUR money to accomplish Federal tasks. He doesn’t want them to be able to whistleblow or otherwise divulge that’s going on with YOUR money and resources.  What does he want to hide?   Hopefully ,the Unions and lawyers will atop this attack on free speech, but you can’t bet this is only the first time. He has NO HESITATION  WHATEVER to attack free speech and the next target might be YOU.  

Responsible citizens are  alarmed at his unhinged behavior.   HERE”S an update.


6 thoughts on “Don the Con’s Power Grab- Muzzling Federal Empoylees

  1. When the very first press action as president is to Lie about his popularity, you know exactly what he is.
    He’s a tyrant.
    He’s a royalist.
    Just look at the gold he surrounds himself with.
    Just look at what you have pointed out: that he is willing to silence the speech of free men. Not because those free men spoke out against the duties they have to the people, but because they spoke out FOR the duties they have to the people.

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