I hate January rain, January sun, all of it. This is the time of year when your tax forms show up, reminding you that THAT has to be dealt with.

This is the time of year when you  assess where you are in life and chart a new course.  Bah humbug.  This when you’re supposed to take down those Christmas decorations that you just put up.  I hate taking them down.

The thing I hate most about January and winter is the sunlight.  I can’t drive without having to shade my eyes.  The only auto accident I was ever in that was my fault was in January a couple of years ago trying to turn off Myrtle. I was absolutely blinded by the sun, people behind me were honking.  I took a chance and ended up T-boning a Ford van.  Up till then I hadn’t realized Ford vans were made of cardboard.  He had a gaping hole.  I didn’t have a scratch on my car.   Hate that winter sun!

Just now the power went out for awhile. Wake me when it’s February.



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