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A couple of weeks ago I went down to Loleta on my annual Christmas trip to buy cheese. I couldn’t check out the new Queso Kings restaurant then because, as I was told, the entire crew had come down with the flu and the place was closed.  When I went down on January 5 both the store and the restaurant were empty but at least they were open, or so I thought.  I made my purchases  and told they lady who was selling cheese that I was going to have a bite in their café.  She obligingly carried my  purchases to a table in the café area,

There were two more ladies staffing the café.  No “Queso Kings” in sight.  The Queso Queens seemed to be very new at their jobs. The routine is that you pick ypur bread and cheese  for the sandwich; I hadn’t thought about it so I made a not-too–bright choice of Fontina and cheddar. It turned out to be very good and  the bread, a routine buttermilk bread, was toasted perfectly;  at $7 I think you should expect that.  I wanted to try at least one other item so I had the tomato soup at $4.50.  But just as I was going to try it, they announced that they were closing! At 3pm!  I don’t think they had told the cheese store lady nor did they post the 3p closing on any of their signs.   I hurredly took my leave  while at least five other customers were coming Into the store,   bound for disappointment. They overcharged me by a couple of bucks also and don’t provide receipts so be aware. Their website  btw correctly shows a 3pm closing.

I took a sip of the soup when I got home.  It was really, really good.  I don’t know what was in it.  It could have come out of a box for all I know but it was fabulous.  I  took a sip  and then another  and  then another.  You get the idea. It was good.  I should add that they have also added chili to their menu, an intelligent addition.

So how do you feel about paying $14+ for a tom and chee? I was going to make a wisecrack about New York prices coming to Loleta.  Then  I checked the menu at Katz Deli on Houston Street  where I had the best pastrami sandwich on the planet when we were back there in October. They charge $6.50 for a cup of soup and their sandwiches are  $18-20.  But they’e huge. So, not quite NYC prices.  Not for awhile.

I checked out the website later- should have done  it before- and was surprised to see that the website  offers a sandwich PLUS soup PLUS a cookie for $10. Now, that’s more like it! But I wasn’t offered that deal so I guess you have to ask for it.

So check out the Queso Kings  at least once.  Especially that soup!  But count your change.  


2 thoughts on “Loleta ‘s Queso Kings

  1. Sorry to hear this. Humboldt should excel at these things, not suck big time. We deserve better, even if we are isolated.

    $14 is way too much! That can’t last long. Money laundering also comes to mind, too.

    Well Julie, compare this experience to the biggest Tomato and Cheese soup and sandwich upstart franchise happening right now. May I mention this to you? It caught me by surprise.

    The menu is varied and interesting, the prices great, the place wildly popular with lines out the door. The company, Tom and Chee, has their act down pat. Their signature item is– get this– grilled cheese atop a grilled glazed donut. Yes, a glazed, melty, sugary donut! You can also add bacon to that. I know, it sounds a little gross. On the other hand, it sounds kinda good. Whatever the case, folks are wildly lining up for it. They also have tomato soup in a variety of ways.

    Someone should tell the Queso Kings folks about it. Here’s the Tom and Chee online menu (pdf) for you and others’ interest. It is intriguing. And they would rather make a fast nickel than a slow buck:

    • Yes! These are the Tom+Chee folks who got their start on Shark Tank. They’re apparently doing very well. I can’t believe the owner of Queso Kings, who is supposed to be a bigtime Bay Area chef, isn’t aware of the competition. You’re right: the donut thing is gross. I’ll give them another chance when the weather is better and they’ve all learned their jobs. Thanks for writing!

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