It’s been officially acknowledged and certified by the Lost Coast Journal that we indeed have a housing shortage, if not a crisis, on the North Coast.  Apparently something like 500 students who started school in August are still looking for  housing.  That is ridiculous!  Why hasn’t a public health crisis been declared?   What is HSU doing about it??? Many unanswered questions. 

I rent out my extra room and bath. I resisted it for years,  then got smart.  A tenant solves a lot of problems.  An extra hand for heavy chores, someone to watch the dog when I’m out of town, lots of advantages. Plus the extra income is like crack; you are instantly addicted.  What’s puzzling to me is that with all the shortage talk,  the PRICE for a room hasn’t really gone up at all.  I charge $600 for a furnished room with private bath,  in a decent area. I’ve only seen  a couple of ads on Craig’s List that want more for a room.  So the law of supply and demand doesn’t seem to be applicable.  

Craig’s List is always a good read.  It’s amazing how many folks want to rent a room for nothing  or “work in exchange for rent”. Who does that except for growers? I usually don’t have to list my vacancy.  I just scan Craig’s lIst for people looking for housing  who sound reasonable.

Anyway, my new tenant is moving in this week.   Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on ““ROOM FOR RENT”

  1. When I attended Humboldt in the early 70s, I would line up an apartment for the fall semester (then quarter) before I left for the summer break. I would say the housing situation was tighter then since there are many more apartment complexes in Arcata now than there were then. During the current academic year I see For Rent signs around town which you never saw in the early 70s.

    On the subject of a room with private bath for $600/month, how does a young person afford such rents today? That is $102 more than my monthly mortgage for a single family house. It would seem that a renter today needs a full time job just to pay the bills, but that would leave no time for classes and studying. Every generation has had to struggle early on in their lives to pay the bills, but it seems much more acute today.

    • I’ve rented to students and non-students but haven’t had any pushback on $600/month. Guess that’s why college students graduate with such high debt. Everyone gets “financial aid” which is often just a loan.

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