“The New Celebrity Apprentice”

I have a long history with “The Apprentice”. When I was running a job club for folks who were not familiar with business issues, I used to encourage them to watch it.  Of course, the first few  years  were very different from what’s being shown now;  They actually had sort-of-celebrities then.   Most of the time was spent on solving their business problems or issues;  As time went by more and more of the time was spent in the useless Boardroom transactions- no educational value whatever.

This season the “celebrities’ are a joke. And as for Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is a parody of himself.  Sorry, but saying “You’re terminated” instead of  “You’re fired” just isn’t exciting.  I fell asleep.  I won’t be watching it again.   Get a glimpse  while you can.  This show is so bad it won’t be around long.


5 thoughts on ““The New Celebrity Apprentice”

  1. Maybe you should read Jerry Mander’s 1977 book “Four Arguments For the Elimination of Television” (still in print) for edification and enlightenment.

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