Why Does Trump Want His Family In the White House?

Well, first of all, he doesn’t have any friends. Forty years of scheming to defraud the people he does business with hasn’t resulted in his having a robust network of friends or even allies.

Second, his limited intellect and knowledge are well beneath the usual level for prospective Presidents. He is the most unprepared President in history.  He doesn’t KNOW how things are normally done, or why. Lil’ ol’ Reince Prebius is supposed to be keeping Don the Con on track.  He is failing at his task.  Trump is insulting our allies daily and trying his best to compromise our national  security  based on his warm fuzzy feelings for the KGB thug Putin.  His judgment sucks and I don’t want to be endangered by it.  

Can anyone talk sense to Trump?  An egomaniac who thinks he knows better than 17 intelligence agencies  is probably uncontrollable.  It will be left to the checks and balances of the system to put the brakes on this new Government by Ignorance.  Will he be brought down by his greed?  Or by his arrogance?  What a wonderful choice for the American people.

So the world is to be treated to the spectacle of Don the Con staffing his administration (correction: this is YOUR  administration)  with his untalented children.  Very Banana Republic. And this is making America great again? 

Every day Don the Con does something more hateful.  Taking off on Meryl Streep? He has no self-control, no dignity and no wisdom.  Even the 24% of the electorate that voted for him are getting tired of his act. He WAS entertaining for awhile.   Now he’s just an ignorant bore.  Hello, President Pence.

HERE is an interesting take from Salon about his unfitness.


4 thoughts on “Why Does Trump Want His Family In the White House?

  1. It could be entertaining. But, really? Is entertaining the word we’re looking for here? Would that be more of the lighthearted, wholesome, educational, or uplifting sort of entertaining? Or just something pleasantly distracting and otherwise meaningless entertaining, something that simply takes our minds off of things? Well, if so, then butter my buns and call me a biscuit.

    It’s likely to be something truly more nightmarish. Think of something between the Walking Dead, Survivor, Shark Tank, Duck Dynasty, Fear Factor, Jersey Shore, and a real-life Nightmare on Elm Street train wreck all rolled into one– all live, and all on reality TV. Unfortunately, this misery won’t be a single episode or an entire season. It’s going to be a long miserable slog without commercial breaks for nightsweats, panic attacks, and your worst fears come true for the next four years.

  2. At least one thing is certain, the next four (or eight) years will be very entertaining. Who needs “reality television” or “Entertainment Tonight” when there is the Federal government and the President for one’s dose of nightly laughs. Must see TV indeed.

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