“China Live” Opening Soon in Chinatown

Need an excuse to dig yourself out of the mud and head south?  “China Live” , a kind of West Coast version of Eataly,  is opening soon at 644 Broadway. which is either Chinatown  or North Beach depending on who you ask. This will apparently  be a paradise for gourmets and gourmands, with every kind of food, cookware and kitchen gear imaginable, Chinese-style of course.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.   For lodgings I would recommend the venerable  Royal Pacific, where we had good luck in November.

Read about it HERE.

And if anyone in Humboldt is making soup dumplings, please let me know. 


5 thoughts on ““China Live” Opening Soon in Chinatown

  1. There aren’t any locations near you but I shop 99 Ranch Markets near me for everything Chinese (and other Asian products)
    Here’s their page for locations in NorCal…
    Quite different from the shops along Grant and Stockton…
    I just downloaded the specials for my area and thought of you…

  2. The problem with SF Chronicle is they have a limit to the number of articles you can read without a pay subscription (I always just read SF Gate which is overpopulated with ads but free.
    BUT: Eater SF has its own article on the place and I think it confirms your expectations:
    But from what I see, it looks more like a place to dream than a place to actually buy things you can afford. Grant Avenue (I used to live in SF and frequently shopped in Chinatown) has priced most of the older, practical stores out and you have to go up to Stockton to find places to look for useful household items. Here’s a Yelp review of some…
    And probably the top of the list:
    and their website: http://www.wokshop.com/
    (I’m a great believer in offering options…).
    When you’re in SF do you ever go to Vesuvio’s?

  3. Szechuan Garden in Arcata has soup dumplings. Takes a while to get your order, so I assume they are assembling them as needed. Chungking spare ribs, cumin lamb, mapo tofu all good too.

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