10 thoughts on ““The Coming Clean-Air War between Trump and California”

  1. It’s a joke. The Jerry Brown and Obama Legacy of environmental disasters including one incompetent EPA fiasco after another is well documented. Trump gets an A+++ for actually trying to fix things!!!

    • And what, pray tell, has Trump done except try to roll back our environmental protections, flimsy as they are. Be specific!!!

      • From what I’ve understood, the roll backs are mostly geared for most rolls to return back to the workable, safe, common sense levels we used to know & love.
        IOW, when the acceptable levels were at, say, a 2.0, anything over that was considered dangerous & required action. Most companies spent fortunes for innovative ways to be in compliance, with goals to be way under that. Those who were above the 2.0, were the bad guys.
        Then suddenly, the accepted levels allowed, changed to, say 1.0, & all the companies had to comply or pay fines. Naturally, most ended up doing both, due to the lack of moderized innovations & budgets for. Suddenly, the good guys are now classified as bad guys, or worse. Worse being, in this instance, forced to close due to lack of funds for innovatons, labor, missed productivity, & cumulative fines.
        The original bad guys, those over a 2.0, complied little by little, which marred the honest endeavors of the other companies. The public began to see all companies as one big collective type of non caring, planet ruining, polluting, evil doers. Far from it!
        With the masses now convinced that big companies & levels over a 1.0 toxic level being the death of us all, they next changed the levels acceptable, to… Zero. Yes, zero. We’ve gone from a safe level of, say, a 2.0 clear down to a zero, businesses closed by the thousands, and the homeless increased by hundreds of thousands.
        bad guys were way over a 2.0
        Bad guys put us way down at zero so that only the hugest companies who lobby could afford to operate, which monopolizes the fields.
        Which brings us back to the sane levels of under 2.0, refreshingly above zero, for a nice common sensed balance of safety, caring, & prosperity. Once the companies are free to open for business again, homelessness will be lessened too. Win win.
        The coal has many people worried, but the innovators. The innovators are busy working out ways to save the day. But, they need a chance.
        Coal is necessary for making strong steal & other important goods. Without it, we will be constantly renovating those fancy new modern apartment complexes. Talk about pollution! We can still taste the dust from the last demolition. Not good at all.
        My advice? Find the old OSHA data sheets, the ones that were tried & true, with genuine danger levels. Post them everywhere. Don’t let any company go over those levels. Know thy safe.

          • The starting position?
            I used 2.0 for a visual, not a fact. (A few ssues were indeed 2.0 factually however). The zero is a factual number, despite humans & all mammals exhaling, shedding, spreading & sweating, natural toxins every day. The bad guys were at levels 30 in some cases, & 20 on avg with a few at 75. The good guys averaged below the 2 to around a 6 & dropping.
            I don’t know what coal was or is. It’s heavier in certain areas, of course. I don’t know the innovations being used or planed either. I wish there were incentive awards given, instead of ..what we’ve seen.

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