8 thoughts on “Follow-Up On Doctor Shortage

  1. So much for Humboldt and the greater North Coast being a retirement haven. As one gets older one needs more medical care and services, many not found outside of urban areas. I do not want to have to be flown out to a bigger hospital, and then try to figure out how to return, simply because of the lack of medical services here. Perhaps it is time to begin the search BEFORE I need it.

      • Is the medical services better in Florida or the Carolinas than in cities served by Kaiser? (But I hear Asheville, NC is a wonderful place as are cities on the Gulf Coast of Florida.)

        • You’d be surprised. With all the elderly citizens/voters in Florida,they have a lot of choices My brother in Jacksonville goes to the MAYO CLINIC when he goes to the doc; I’m going to a PA at Eureka Family Practice. Jax sucks otherwise but the MAYO CLINIC!! And you are correct about Asheville. Charleston also has great healthcare.

          • Rural economies will suffer when health care services are limited. Frankly, I do not see such services improving any time soon in places like Mendocino, Humboldt or Del Norte counties when health care providers base their decisions on financial returns. Sutter Health (operator of Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City) is particularly notorious, and they are a “not-for-profit” organization. So how can cities, counties, and Chambers or Commerce in rural areas work on “economic development” when a major contributor of such development is sorely lacking?

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