Sara Bareilles just keeps on racking them up

Eureka’s own Sara Bareilles is making more news on Broadway. Her musical “Waitress“, which opened last spring at the Brooks Atkinson, continues its run with the composer herself taking on the title role of Jenna, a diner waitress. She’ll be there for the ten weeks following March 31and  they’re not selling tickets after June 30  so move now if you want to see our girl.  Decent tickets go for $170.  

It’s amazing to me that so little attention is paid to her.  What other Eurekan in the musical world has had such success?  Nominated for a Grammy ten times , for God’s sake,  yet the average Eurekan  has never heard of her.  What’s that quote about “a prophet without honor”? The Chamber should set a “Sara Bareilles Day” and we should have a parade. We don’t have a lot of celebrities and never hear from most of them.  Guy Fieri isn’t really from Eureka but is incredibly generous to the  Ferndale schools and always shows up for the County Fair. Jeff Bridges has never been helpful to the town where his father grew up. I don’t know where MIke Patton is now.  

You can read about Sara on page 14 of the April 3rd edition of the New Yorker. Sorry, link not available.


2 thoughts on “Sara Bareilles just keeps on racking them up

  1. Nice post Julie. The men you cited are older and less in focus than Sara B.

    How about another gal that HOJ views as important to Eureka’s history…….Kathryn “Kathy” Kellogg…..daughter of Ron Kellogg (former EHS history/civics teacher and Humboldt Railroad enthusiast).

    She inspired HOJ immensely in politics that locals can shine and set the record straighter………to this day, HOJ still cries for the Kellogg’s as Kathryn passed away in the Ron Brown plane disaster….so much promise not allowed to foster. Understand the values of life before it is too late to live a lengthy life of value understandings. Love to love, but love to criticize that which is the antithesis of love, no matter what in life crosses path with us.

    Ron Kellogg reminds HOJ of a time when teachers were more effective educators it seems, but age can be a bigotry in and of itself……

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