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  1. Loopnet is interesting, but you might go to the websites of the local realtors, many have a commercial page. I have noticed quite a few local businesses for sale both in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. Another mark of the economy is to note how many homes listed for sale have pictures of an empty house.

      • Websites such as realtor.com and trulia.com let you click on the “pictures” box and many of the listings have upwards of 30 shots, both interior and exterior. So you are able to tell which homes are vacant. Also, next to the picture box is a map box which tells you where the property is located. When you click on the satellite box it gives you a good look at the neighborhood, especially when you zoom in.

  2. That is too bad. I remember when the store suffered a big fire which totally destroyed the old building. I think that was in June 1970.

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