Here It Is-George Will on Trump’s Disability

I’ve been defending George Will for years. He’s an honest conservative- a rare breed- but even I was surprised when he resigned from the GOP a few months ago. This Washington Post piece on Trump’s mental state is a must-read.

The whole piece is HERE.


2 thoughts on “Here It Is-George Will on Trump’s Disability

  1. Trump is a drama queen.

    Trump plays games as retaliation for what pisses him off.

    Not a surprise the BNC liar is loading up the swamp with decendents of past insider swampers.

    Ever notice how lots of politicians’ children are hired by media or for a government job???

    Huckabee-Sanders, Cuomo, McCain, etc………….

    America is a hoax, a joke of faith and hope, mired in duplicity of wanton monarchial desires for the wannabe privileged lifestyles of the rich and famous.

    America is a disgusting country because of politics where individuals seeking power, control and privileges have casted fleeting principles regarding the tenets of a free society …….just deplorable.

    • For some reason your comment was stuck in the queue- Didn’t see it. Drama queen indeed, or as Bill Maher calls him, “a whiny little bitch”.

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