HARBOR GROUP To Discuss Forming CSD In Samoa

The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group (HBHWG) welcomes Troy Nicolini, member of the Samoa Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors, who will present the effort by the Samoa Fire Department to reorganize as a Community Services District. The goal is to maintain fire and medical aid services on the peninsula while also providing  additional benefits to the community.  This is a multi-year effort that is slated to be on the ballot in November.

The forum is being held on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at noon at the Samoa Cookhouse. Check in at 12pm, lunch served at 1215pm, presentation at 1245pm., close at 130pm. Lunch is $16 for southern fried chicken or $12 for soup and salad.  RSVP by calling Charlie Bean at 707-441-1974.


7 thoughts on “HARBOR GROUP To Discuss Forming CSD In Samoa

  1. Troy Nicolini is as close to being our FEMA/NOAA regulator
    as one can be.
    Isn’t there a conflict for Troy in developing a CSD where the Base Flood Elevations would violate FEMA/NOAA guidelines?

          • Professional jealousy? FEMA/NOAA science encourages coastal wetlands to fend-off relative sea-level rise. Our coastline has been beat to shit, wetlands drained, Base Flood Elevations diminished, west-bound forest now in eastward retreat, dunes deflated and wildlife diminished –
            ALL due to Troy not even knowing his role as a FEMA/NOAA associate.
            . No I am not jealous, I am quite angry though. Damned uninformed Troglodytes.

          • I assume you’re taking this up with someone who can make a difference?

  2. Community Services Districts are the best small-scale elected bodies in California. Any resident can run for the Board with a signed petition (26 sigs, I think) so and there are few political perks to be gained. The Willow Creek CSD has helped the community grow in positive ways over the years. The Volunteer Fire Department is separate but they work closely together. Here’s their site for an overview of what a CSD can be and do:

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